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DWF10 | Wednesday 15 April 2015 | AUCAN | IKEDA | SCHWARZ | DIXON | IISO

DWF10 | Wednesday 15 April 2015 | AUCAN | IKEDA | SCHWARZ | DIXON | IISO



Mercoledì 15 Aprile 2015
Via Pier Lombardo 14, 20135 Milano

ELITA presenta:


Artistic experimentation in music will boost Teatro Franco Parenti shows starting from the most visionary maestro Ryoji Ikeda, with his extreme minimalism sound, keeping up through Henrik Schwarz to Dixon, Innervisions boss-of-bosses.



Dixon is vice president of the FC Magnet Mitte, producer and DJ, and runs a pastry shop in Berlin. During his career he used to work with Jazzanova and founded Inner City, a monthly party renown all over the world. His top is co-founder of Innervisions Records along with me. His arise was sealed with the creation of his own label. Innervisions was born as a side project of Sonar Kollektiv in 2005, and earned its place in contemporary house panorama, stating an own musical identity.


Henrik Schwarz is a cult musician in German deep house scenario. He is an electronics enthusiasts and an underground intellectual, his career begins playing rap, hip hop, jazz and detroit techno around clubs. With Sasse he founded Sunday-Music label. He remixed tracks for James Brown, Mari Boine, Kuniyuki, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Dark Globe feat. Boy George, Omar feat. Stevie Wonder, Jazzanova and others.


Aucan had more than 300 gigs all over Europe, sharing stages with the likes of Placebo and Chemical Brothers. Their revolutionary productions spin around the most diverse souls, form techno to post rock, form indie to club electro, for unique performances in the italian scene.


There is a deep connection between sound and image, art and technology, light and mathematical aesthetics, which are the very basic of Japan’s Ryoji Ikeda's vision. Ikeda is studying sounds for more than twenty years: lights and images start from codes and computer data. His research took him till the concept of minimalism: from his 1995 " 1000 fragments" till his 2013 " supercodex" , he explores the deep connection within sound and invisible data-substance that permeates the whole world. Ikeda also cooperated with the German musician Carsten Nicolai, architect Toyo Ito and the artist Hiroshi Sugimoto.


IISO is the very first production by Marker Music, and is a duo: Luca Tommasoni (sound designer and composer) and Roberto Tagliabue (drums). IISO is a project that shapes music, turning it into image. An experience in space as well as in time. Electronic astral atmospheres and ethereal voices within the live frame of a cube, illuminated by the projections of the studio Antimateria.


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