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BLTMR Studio presents a Pizzico Label Night w/ KAEL MISKO & BILLY BOGUS

BLTMR Studio presents a Pizzico Label Night w/ KAEL MISKO & BILLY BOGUS



Baltimore Studio, endorsing an indissoluble partnership with Pizzico Records, is glad to present another label night in 65mq.


" 2007 born Pizzico Records avails itself of politically incorrect aesthetics (...but we think so pretty graphics...) to express the sound influences coming from the dramatic and obscure sides of last decades, from psycho and lysergic 70s to darkest double identities of the 80s and pleasant soul decadences of the 90s, trying to reach for the good sound with a forward-looking, starting from the assumption that all the true art on earth is dirty and turbid, even if it makes you perceive a foreshortening of the sun.."

Pizzico represents all the unconfessed sound fantasies of its founder Billy Bogus who started playing at the end of 90s with lots of analog synths and drum machines, tasting the fabulous electronic revolution of those years.
Not only a record label manager, but a visionary producer and a sound designer for A/V productions as Brunito, his way to conceive the music tells about all the possible perturbations happening in the electronic territories.

For his beloved Pizzico, Bogus is also a proud scouter finding talents out like the disco and mysterious funk traveler Kael Misko who, after having successfully played under different monikers at soulful parties deep in the German forest, is got lost in studies of musicology and psychology. Going on experimenting in a small studio based in Hamburg's charming industrial outback, he's fallen in love with analog gear and writing music.
A Misko's usual set jumps back to space funk doing a somersault to crunchy modern house with open eyes and clear mind.



" It's useless to play lullabies for those who cannot sleep." John Cage

in 65mq

Friday, May 23rd | from 11pm to 3am
Aperitif time from 6pm

Free admission

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Categoria: Altro...

Quando: Venerdì 23-05-2014 alle 18:00

Dove: 65metriquadri

Indirizzo: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54 Milano

Prezzo: Gratis

Link: Sito Web dell'evento