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Illusion is the world. Politics, religions, jobs...control means for ones who trust in them, thinking to own a self-determination chance. It's typical for the human being to try to explain functionally everything happens but that's simply a suicide option, an effort to isolate the sparkling truth inside one's awareness: we are just a whirlwind of souls driven by chance, by nothing.The more you try to find the meaning, the less hope you gain before reaching a new awareness: our ability to choose and condition our destiny is just a very, very little spot in the nihilistic plan of the universe.
We have the chance to live for a limited amount of time. To avoid keeping our eyes shut and thinking about truth, these is our pride: the world and its answers are inside us and not elsewhere.
Things happen regardless of us, regardless of me and apart from me...these people are REGARDLESS OF ME.In June 2007 guitarist and composer Emiliano Sicilia (author of the solo album - Devotion, Materialize - released in October 2006 by Audioglobe) started " REGARDLESS OF ME" project.
The band presents an experimental kind of Modern Metal music which reminds one of the typical feeling of Massive Attack, Portishead, Faithless, Meshuggah, Katatonia, Anathema, creating a new Music Style, the " TRIP HOP DARK METAL" .
All music and lyrics have been composed and forged by Emiliano Sicilia who is also the main guitarist - Rapper and Growl Vocalist of the whole project and has taken care of the programming as well. All Songs have been Arranged by Regardless Of Me. Longtime friends and mates Enrico Cassano (bass guitar) and Fulvio Torresani (drums) complete the line up together with the amazing voice of singer Pamela Manzo.
In March 2012 Regardless Of Me decided to separate from the singer Pamela because of different musical path. The new RoM's singer is Miss ARYS NOIR
REGARDLESS OF ME started recording new Album, it will be released in 2014, stay tuned

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INGRESSO : 10 Euro Con Drink

FINO ALLE 24.00 ( In Lista ) --> 7 € Con 1 DRINK


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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 20-06-2014 alle 22:00

Dove: Black Circus

Indirizzo: -- Milano

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