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Adaptive body workshop

Adaptive body workshop



Training and research in contemporary dance based on Klein technique principles for dancers and dance students. How to adapt the body to our dance? What tools can I use to enlarge, to discover new possibilities? We will focus on the mechanics of the body to create an efficient dance, a functional and solid structure in which we’ll be able to lean, to enter spaces where we’ll be able to share our dance from our instincts. We will work on the consciousness of the body (mind of the body), space and time, paying attention to our needs, integrating directions and listening when it comes to relating ourselves to the ground. We will approach a work of support on the hands that will allow us to find new points of balance, from the weight and the rolling of the body. From basic elements like walking, crawling, running and feeling the weight, we build the body to generate our dance. Following the internal impulses, attending to the connections of the body, of the spine, we’ll seek to open new paths ​​ Biography Joahn Volmar Dancer, performer and choreographer, Joahn started his dance training in urban dance and Contemporary in 2004 after finishing his Spanish Philology and Literary Bachelor. Since then, he worked with different companies in Spain, Germany and Canada. As a performer, he collaborated on several projects with the La Fura dels Baus, Cia dlcAos, Cia Manuela Nogales, Cia Lataimada, Cia Ximena Carnevale, Cia dance El Mur, The Steptext dance project, Project Barca in collaboration with Simon Fraser University Vancouver and Mercat de les Flors. Since May 2013, he created his own Dance Project and Research in Performing Art: The third One Dance Project, stepping forward to create and staging two creations during the same year Cubes, shadows and mirrors on one side and P.O.N.G, on the other. In 2015, he creates his first solo Insieme and the performance Sequitor Quod. During the same year, the project started new collaboration with circus artist Alberto Estrada in NSA and Monserrat Selma Montorre in De camino a Nakuru. In 2017, Joahn started new collaboration with Riccardo Buscarini on the research and creative process of L’eta dell’horror. Since then he also joined DNA company under the direction of Elisa Pagani. Joahn continues to collaborate as a performer with several companies, performing, researching and teaching in body and artistic field. subscription fee: 45 Euro ( 6 Euro for the insurance coverage). deadline: 29/01/18 For more informations: 39 338 36 42 616
Periodo del corso: dal 03-02-2018 al 04-02-2018

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Categoria: Corsi

Quando: Sabato 03-02-2018 alle 14:00

Dove: Almadanza - Accademia di arti coreografiche

Indirizzo: via del carrozzaio 15 Bologna

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento