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Juste Debout Italy 2018-Bologna

Juste Debout Italy 2018-Bologna



Juste Debout Italy -Bologna Juste Debout is an international dance competition with preliminary rounds in various world cities, including Bologna, and a grand finale in Paris for an audience of over 20,000 fans. In French Juste Debout means ‘just upright’ and was born in 2001 from the need for a competition for ‘upright’ urban forms of dance such as popping, locking, house dance and hip hop new style. More than ten years later, Juste Debout has become the largest dance event in the world and will be broadcast live, at least in France. You can expect to see dancers from all over the world, who want to qualify for the finals. The winners of the Juste Debout preliminary in Bologna will go to the Paris final on March 4th 2018. Judges: Dedson (FR) - Hip hop Ricky Soul (UK)- House Rashaad (US)-Popping Tash (CA)- Locking Categories: 2 vs 2: Hip Hop, Popping , Locking , House Solo: Experimental INFOTICKET: tel Alessia 3247858048 tel Veronica 3287695140 Entry : 15 euro adulti 10 euro bambini (6-12 anni) Registration: Confirm your registration from within 13.00 !!!!! The first battle is included in the entry price, if you wanna join more categories, you’ll have to pay 5 euro plus for each category. Ex: “Xx and Xy would join Hip Hop cat, they’ll pay just the entry ticket of 15 euro.No additional registration price. XZ and YZ would join Hip Hop and House, they’ll pay the 15 euro entry ticket and 5 euro plus to enter the second category.” Djs: DJ AKE (-hip hop) DJ Julnako (popping- locking-experimental) DJ Ricky House ) Host: Tromba SHOWCASE GUESTS.. PRESELECTION ... BATTLES... AFTERPARTY!!! Afterparty : Dj Julnako (FRA) Dj Ricky HOW TO GET THERE: Best Airport To Get There? Bologna " Guglielmo Marconi" From The Airport You can Take The Bus that brings you to the Train Station Bologna Centrale (every five minutes in front of the arrival exit of the airport) Best Train Station ? Bologna Centrale. From Bologna Centrale take The Bus number 25 till The Stop “Amendola” (1rst stop) Than Take The Bus number 99 till “Caserma Chiarini” (9th stop) From there The location is a 4min Walking distance From The Airport or from The Train Station You can easily get there by taxi as well (of You are more than two people is gonna be cheap) by Car: Uscita tangenziale 11/Bis-Zona capannoni info: Juste Debout Italy FB Page info battles registration : info workshops : Exp By @HipYourHop Powered by: -Pepe Mario Production (PMP)

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Sabato 03-02-2018 alle 14:00

Dove: Giostrà

Indirizzo: via E. Mattei 46/L Bologna

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento