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Quelli che impiegano male il loro tempo sono i primi a lamentarsi che passi troppo in fretta. Jean de La Bruyère

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Emerge / LLS / Last King of Poland

Emerge / LLS / Last King of Poland



A once in lifetime experience under our bridge... Last King Of Poland [experimental noise/ USA] Emerge [music concrète / GER] Limited Liability Sounds [dark ambient / POL] Emerge / LLS / Last King Of Poland - cold lake tour 2018 First date in Italy: Saturday, 10.2.18 Il Cerchio dalla Libia a via Libia Via Libia 72c, 40138 Bologna *********************** Last King Of Poland (Tomasz Ryszard Jurczak) is a Polish noise artist from Chicago who has for the last years traveled the world, touring Japan and the United States extensively. He just got back to Chicago from his first European tour which took place in May and June. There he will be recording his debut LP, Insular, at Electrical Audio. Previously he has released ten cassettes on different labels, the newest being an improvisational collaboration with Japanese noise artist Go, out on 1980 records. His whole creation in itself is an identity crisis, between two different worlds. Back and forth between American brashness and Polish chivalry which he brings out with loops and samples of waves and everyday life. His performance is unique. Muted, he would look like a vivid story teller, passionately explaining his travels through outer space with sadness in his heart. Unreleased demo: --- Limited Liability Sounds is a Polish ambient/experimental musician Adam Mankowski – composer and sound artist, who loves the textures fusion of classical/electro-acoustic music with the electronic digital ones. Music from the sign LLS is a mixture of drones, experimental electronics, ambient, sometimes noise and field recordings. LLS has regularly been touring in Europe, and in September 2017 was on tour in Japan where he did quite a few gigs in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Since his debut in 2006 Mankowski has already released a handful of albums under different names. --- Emerge is inspired by the minimalist traditions of experimentalism and non-academic noise music, focusing on generating sound structures intended to make atmospheres emerge that are open to each listener’s own interpretation. The choice of sound sources used is usually very limited. In most cases only rudiments of the original sounds are recognizable due to various treatments. EMERGE also uses and recycles raw material from a variety of artists/musicians. Emerge also runs attenuation circuit, a label for experimental music and is an organizer for mostly experimental music located in Augsburg, Germany.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Sabato 10-02-2018 alle 21:00

Dove: Il Cerchio dalla Libia a via Libia

Indirizzo: Via Libia 72 Bologna

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento