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Mastering Your Practice - Three Part Series with Jen Warakomski

Mastering Your Practice - Three Part Series with Jen Warakomski



Are you a dedicated student looking to try more advanced poses? Or are you an experienced student looking for a refresher? Want to get to know how to shift your yoga practice to prevent injury and create greater ease in your poses? Curious about how to deepen your practice and learn the best way to approach advanced postures? Join Jen Warakomski for this 3 part Master Class series where you will learn how to create space for flexibility, strength, and deepen your practice. Session 1: Sacred Geometry Strengthen Your Practice with Ease and Intelligence January 20, 2018 4-6pm In this alignment focused class, we will work together to help you develop a clear understanding of how to apply key alignment concepts to your unique physical structure. This workshop is a general introduction to the key concepts of alignment in yoga and how it applies to basic and advanced poses. Whether you want to touch your toes, or learn how to go upside down in a safe, controlled way, this class is the key fundamental to you understanding both. What’s included: demonstration, discussion, assisted, and non-assisted adjustments. Session 2: Arm Balances & Backbends How to take flight without falling on your face February 3, 2018 4-6pm In this class we will break down the key elements of arm balances & deep backbends, which will help you to build confidence, balance, and concentration. Poses included: Bakasana (Crow), Urdhva Galavasana (Flying crow), Astavakrasana (Eight Angle Pose), Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel), Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance), and Vrschikasana (Scorpion). Session 3: Inversions Get upside down! February 17, 2018 4-6pm In this class we will discuss and practice the key elements and benefits to inverting. When we practice inversions we are conquering personal fear, weakness, imbalanced hormones, anxiety, and depression. At first these postures may appear intimidating, but you will learn how to gain mastery over them and transform yourself and your practice. Poses included: Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand), Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand), Sirsasana (Headstand), and Viparita Karani (Legs Elevated Pose). Workshops will be offered in English & Italian. It is HIGHLY recommended you participate in the January 20th session to maximize your experience in the arm balance & inversion workshops. RSVP: PRICING PER SESSION: €25 per session, €20 for Radici class card holders PRICING FOR ALL 3 SESSIONS: €65 for all 3 sessions, €55 for Radici class card holders

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Categoria: Sport e Benessere

Quando: Domenica 20-01-2019 alle 16:00

Dove: Radici Yoga

Indirizzo: via guelfa 116 nero Firenze

Prezzo: Vario

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