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New Interplanetary Melodies' Mothership #7 presents MIKI

New Interplanetary Melodies' Mothership #7 presents MIKI



New Interplanetary Melodies' Mothership #7 presents MIKI Out Of Ordinary Radio Florence Live streaming from 9pm to 11pm MIKI ( Somebody call him The Dolphin) Links : The media impact due to its strong background, djsets of intensity and interest, along with music productions, from techno to chill-out in particular as MIKI THE DOLPHIN and MAJOR HYPNOTIC KEY INSTITUTE, always create attention around MIKI, highlighting his concept of music versatility, an important aspect for the development of today’s Dj culture. The ability to interpret locations allows him to develop djsets with different genres. The constant research, the great resonance intuitions and a natural talent for djing, see him amongst the architects of the electronic movement, one of the most active and avant-garde. He has played in some important locations worldwide such as Amnesia Ibiza, Maniac Love Tokyo, Mozinor in Paris, Attitude Nocturne Switzerland a long list and, whereas in Italy he’s been one of the very first djs to give life to clubs like Jaiss, Insomnia, Duplè, Satellite and Taotec, as well as phenomena like Mezzanotte-Mezzogiorno at Club Imperiale, The West and events like Exogroove, Torquemada and many others. He produced music for labels such as DBX, Interactive Test, and some of his records have been revalued in recent times by many important DJs worldwide.Today Leonardo Brogi has brought him back to important consoles, with his residency at Mind Club in Empoli, where Miki has unveiled powerful djsets and great consensus; in parallel thanks to his discography, Marvin & Guy with the supervision of Romano Manfredi (DJ Tennis) and Unreal Management at the release of Life of Marvin (Volume 3 Miki The Dolphin) of tracks like Apple, which a crew of big djs are using worldwide, together with others, also unpublished, and in clubs such as Nitza in Barcelona, first guest of the one night Evolution. Also from his more techno-orientated discography coming from experiences on Interactive Test to the attention of DJs like Alex Picone (Seekers Record),Giovanni Verrina (Howl Records – #13), Onur Ozer and others to the production of various remixes like the one for the young Swedish rock band Ruby Empress. It’s in the current DJSET that the tam tam has become pulsating, a truly impressive psychedelic spiritual journey, Miki’s Major Hypnotic Key Institute ©.Miki’s own Sun Generation, a label always looking for new sounds and talents. Collaborations with various other labels, the creation of soundtracks for documentaries, humanitarian projects related to the development of music stages in Africa, in partnership with Free Spirit Madrid and its Musical Editions. He is also known by the nickname of the Dolphin.In June 2018 he joined Reflex Booking

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Mercoledì 23-01-2019 alle 21:00

Dove: OOO

Indirizzo: Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 70 - 72 Firenze

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento