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Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Mental Health Tools To Help You Thrive

Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Mental Health Tools To Help You Thrive



After surviving sexual assault here in Florence, I have learned a lot about what it takes to thrive overseas despite all obstacles, and I want to share it with you. There are six sessions that make up the series, which can be done individually or as a program. In this first session, we talk about identifying our values and how to transfer them into goal setting - with particular attention to the added pressures of negotiating these within a cross-cultural context. To develop a full self-concept, I must identify my strengths, needs, and values. This self-knowledge becomes the basis for healthy decision making. This process should be revisited throughout life to reflect upon changing ways of thinking, what is important, vulnerabilities, and the best strategies for working with these evolving definitions of self. Who I was is not who I am, and travel is a transformative experience for my sense of identity. The outer self is a flexible construction that can be adapted throughout our lives. The inner self is the stable core, often buried under false beliefs and patterns, that is the source of intuition and “gut feelings.” I can learn how to separate them, and develop a practice for checking in with these “selves”. Underpinning goal setting is the recognition of desires and the ability to evaluate and make choices about how to act upon them. If I understand what I want, and more importantly, why I want those things, I can become more flexible and adaptable to how the experience may unfold. This is a key factor in resilience... By Donation: 35 euro Please bring pen and paper.

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Quando: Domenica 19-05-2019 alle 14:00

Dove: St Mark's English Church

Indirizzo: Via Maggio 16 Firenze

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento