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Il tempo è come un fiocco di neve, scompare mentre cerchiamo di decidere cosa farne. Romano Battaglia

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Masterclass: Editing Your Manuscript - Editor Beena Kamlani

Masterclass: Editing Your Manuscript - Editor Beena Kamlani



Learn how to edit effectively with Editor Beena Kamlani. Beena will help participants prepare their manuscript for submission to an agent or publishing house through a morning session on 'How to Handle Ambiguity, Urgency and Voice in Fiction and Nonfiction' and 20 minute one-on-one time with Beena, where they can discuss their work in detail. Participants can submit up to 12 pages of their manuscript/writing-in-progress prior to the event, which Beena will read and discuss in the one-on-one meeting. 'SOS: Brainstorm Past Glitches' workshop will run alongside the afternoon one-on-ones. A former editor at Penguin Random House (31 years), Beena Kamlani has edited a wide range of authors—among them, Garrison Keillor, Kim Edwards, Terry McMillan, Diane Middlebrook, Sir Peter Medawar, Peter Kramer, David Leavitt, Jiang Rong, Paul Beatty, Robert Kanigel, Bob Shacochis—and was Saul Bellow’s editor for nearly two decades until his death in 2005. She worked with Robert Fagles for over twenty years on his translations of Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, and Virgil’s Aeneid. She has also taught book editing at New York University for the past eighteen years and was presented the university’s award for teaching excellence in 2002. Beena works as a freelance editor. FULL PROGRAMME: 10am - 12.30pm How to handle ambiguity, urgency, and voice in fiction and non-fiction. Without a sense of urgency, it is difficult to retain the reader's interest. Without the right voice for the material, you can't really tell the story you want to. And ambiguity--leaving things unsaid, but unsaid in such a way that the story becomes unpredictable and surprising, is vital. Writing makes its mark according to the skill, art, and authority a writer employs to achieve ambiguity, urgency and voice. It's not enough to tell a good story. How that story is told, how the reader is manipulated, and how skilfully the author manages to keep the reader turning the page are what make a good read. Beena Kamlani will discuss these topics in the morning session of the masterclass, with time for questions and answers afterwards. 12.30pm Lunch Participants have an hour and a half to get lunch. 2pm One-on-one sessions begin. 20 minutes per person according to a schedule. 2.30-5pm SOS: Brainstorm Past Writing Glitches With Lori Hetherington Hetherington and Marisa Garreffa. Have you hit a wall with a scene, character or story arc? Is your query letter driving you around the bend? Is your summary unwieldy? With the guidance of two experienced writers, this group brainstorming workshop will help you find unexplored solutions to problems that are holding you back. This open session runs alongside the one-on-one meetings, and participants can drop in and out as their schedule permits. Lori Hetherington has had, over the arc of her 25+ years professional experience, literally millions of words published, both as a translator of a wide range of books and publications and a writer of short stories. A firm believer in the power of brainstorming, she has participated in various writers groups and events, most recently a high-energy, three-day brainstorming session in Matera, Italy. A professional writer, editor, and translator, Marisa Garreffa works across the creative and corporate sectors. Garreffa is an accomplished playwright, a journalist for lifestyle magazines, and creates online and print content for corporate clients. She works as an editor and ghostwriter with individual writers to explore their stories through memoir and novel writing. 3.20pm 20 minute break. 3.40pm One-on-ones and workshop resume. 5pm Finish. MPORTANT INFORMATION For tickets and information please contact Maximum 10 attendees. TERMS & CONDITIONS Cancellation policy: In the event of participant cancellation prior to 16th October, there is a 100% refund. After that, no refunds will be possible. However, the name of a participant can be changed. In this case, please communicate the change at least 10 days prior to the event. The organizers reserve the right to make modifications to the programme in the case of events beyond their control.

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Categoria: Corsi

Quando: Sabato 16-11-2019 alle 10:00

Dove: St Mark's English Church

Indirizzo: Via Maggio 16 Firenze

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento