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C'è un solo modo di dimenticare il tempo: impiegarlo. Charles Baudelaire

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The Rk

The Rk



THE RK - SOULFUL ELECTRONIC MUSIC “The RK" is an electronic act based in Basel (CH), lead by Jasmin Albash accompanied by Simon Wunderlin. „The RK“ stands for an expressive and versatile voice that Jasmin often multiplies with the loopstation. She creates complex harmonies, soundscapes or groovy hooks for a chorus, which are underlined with bass and sounds from the synthesizer. Under this vocal voyage Simon plays open beats and samples the make the music richer and sometimes even danceable. Together they create songs that dive into the field of soulful electronic music in all its colours. In fall 2017 they’ve released their EP “Resonate” and are currently touring through Europe. BIOGRAPHIE The Richard Kingston Project was born in 2013 as the solo project of Jasmin Albash. After a successful tour in fall 2014 through Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Spain, the project was ready to take off. She released her first EP " TRKP" in March 2016. The EP single " Shooting Star" sounded in Swiss national radios and was adopted by Barcelona producer DJ Pedro Vian, who transformed it into a lysergic remix that will expand even broader the limits of this project. The EP release tour went through Germany and Switzerland in fall 2016. 2017 Simon Wunderlin came to the project and with the new band member, the name changed into The RK. Extended studio sessions gave birth to a bouquet of five songs written by Jasmin Albash and produced by Simon Wunderlin. The EP Resonate was released in October 2017 with the new name The RK. The singles “Unconditional Love” and “We are gone” are played in the Swiss national radio stations LINKS

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Sabato 07-04-2018 alle 21:30

Dove: Spazio Lomellini 17

Indirizzo: via Lomellini 17/4 Genova

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento