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4cento presenta Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

4cento presenta Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)



Grazie ad una collaborazione ormai duratura con la celebre radio Ibizenca (Ibiza Global Radio) e dopo la magnifica performance di Anna Tur, venerdi 23 settembre ospiteremo uno dei dj piu talentuosi del network ibizenco.
Ospite nelle serate piu interessanti dell'isola bianca, Miguel Garji riesce sempre ad incantare con le sue sonorità deep piene di ritmiche

Opening set:
Matteo Ponzano (

Special Guest:
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

Miguel Garji is the a.k.a. used by Miguel Angel Garcia Jimenez in the music world. Behind this pseudonym exists a very quiet man, kind and gentle to his friends. Born in Madrid, but later adopted by Ibiza as their own, Miguel is a natural born happy guy.

Miguel is a true lover of the clubbing culture. He is in love with quality Deep House, filled with melodies and not too electronic, but he adapts his music to any venue or party, merging his favorite house subgenres. From chilled deep to the most energetic tech-house.

Mr. Garji has earned some international respect due to his daily radio show on Ibiza Global Radio. Deepfusion 124Bpm's has become one of the most successful shows on this popular radio station, accumulating fans and followers all over the world.

He has been nominated for many different electronic music awards during the last few years, but he reached the top when he won the Vicious Magazine award for the best electronic music show of the country in 2012. Since then, he has always been a finalist.

Nowadays, Miguel combines his exquisite music selections as resident DJ of Ibiza Global Radio with his work as a music producer next to his studio partner Javi Viana, offering his productions through well know labels such as DeepClass Records, Blue Dye or Alma Soul Music.

His sets have fostered the appreciation of the international music scene,always with a characteristic style, guided by a line exciting musical ear and he has been called to perform at some of the main music capitals of the world. If your passion is Deep House music too, Miguel Garji is your man.

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