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ChatterFox - Your " Quiz Night" International MeetUp!

ChatterFox - Your " Quiz Night"  International MeetUp!



Are you ready for a brand new season of your favourite international meetup?

Yes, we are talking about a fresh and exciting #CHATTERFOX night @ “The Old Fox Pub”!

EVERY THURSDAY we'll be waiting for you starting from the famous Old Fox's " Aperitivo" time, which means from 6PM till night; as you might know, " Aperitivo" means that from 6pm to 9pm you will have free food at the buffet and 3 euros pints at the Old Fox Pub!

SPECIAL THIS WEEK: During the night the first Chatterfox Quiz Night is going to take place, so be sure to revise your notes if you want to take the challenge ;)

An “English speaking” night for everyone, to meet new international people, make new friends and improve your english, while drinking a good #beer and having a lot of fun!

Don't think your English is good enough?
It doesn't matter, everyone is welcome no matter what your level is!
Don't forget, Beer is an international language ;)
Thursday will become your favorite day of the week!

In the next weeks, events and surprises will come along!

To be awarned firstly and to keep in touch with the #Chatterfox people & crew!
And remember that our MAILING LIST is always ON!
Just sign up at

To reach The Old Fox pub:
MM2 Green – Sant’agostino
Line n° 2, n°14, n°29, n°30

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Categoria: Food & Drink

Quando: Giovedì 22-09-2016 alle 18:00

Dove: Old Fox

Indirizzo: Piazza Sant Agostino 1 Milano

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento