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The Quincey djset Live at Peacock

The Quincey djset Live at Peacock



Questo Venerdì il Peacock Lounge Drink ospiterà il Djset dei The Quincey.

This Friday another night at Peacock Lounge DRINK, the hot spot.
Special djset by The Quincey Dumbo Gets Mad and our berliner friend Carlo Alberto Dall'Amico. Strong drink by Dave!

The Quincey is a 6-piece band from Milan, Italy. They love South American Psychedelic rock, freedom and whiskey, and you can definitely hear those elements in all their songs.
The songs range from in the box 60's pop to fully out there space rock with soul searching lyrics.
The debut album Look Up To The Sky is now up for pre-sale on IndieGoGo, scheduled for release in December 2015, please give us your support, the vinyl will be gorgeous :


The band have played shows around Italy, worked with brands such as Diesel, Jameson and various fashion label.
They've also collaborated with other artists, Dumbo Gets Mad and Vinyl Williams for example, the latter who made a video and interactive application for the single Make It Right in the summer 2015.

Stay tuned for a fourth video for Ride to the Stars, featuring the band inserted into the copyright-free footage from four cult, 70's Sci-Fi films by director Alfonso Brescia, due for release in December alongside the album.

Meanwhile enjoy the bands other videos:


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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 30-09-2016 alle 22:00

Dove: Peacock lounge drink

Indirizzo: via Lambro 11 Milano

Prezzo: --

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