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7.10 | Max Mayall Fine in concerto!

7.10 | Max Mayall Fine in concerto!



Venerdì 7 a Piano Terra Laboratorio Lapsus ( festeggia i suoi primi 5 anni come associazione, dopo 9 anni totali di attività prima come gruppo informale (
Per l'occasione ospiteremo dalle 22 nel sottoterra il progetto Max Mayall Fine:
Chi sono?
Con le loro parole:

Max Mayall Fine is a musical explorer.
He is always looking for different atmospheres, melodic lines and catchy rhythms .

" Now" is the invitation to listen to each other .
An album of 10 tracks, it was recorded in the recording study of the well-known “Cascina Ortosonico Coltiviamo Musica”, the venue which he ran and where international celebs, such as John Parish and Marc Ribot visited.
The Venue is set in the remote countryside near Milan but the recording study is the only surviving part.

The idea is not to use electronic instruments, but to return to tremble at what is the maximum representation of humanity, that is the hands, the breath, the flesh, or the man at the core of the musical composition, but with a progressive attitude.

For this very reason, the whole thing was recorded in analogue with the support of the irreplaceable Vintage Soundcraft 500 24 channels, then converted to digital.
A parallel universe manifests itself in his music.
The ideas travel, scatter and are ethereal .

The same musicians, who are involved each time, induced inspiration for the arrangements, which were then fulfilled at the time of recording.
It’s a project which goes against the flow.

The resulting sound is sometimes a blurred and a little scratchy. It is the vision of the musician playing his instrument, with his mouth, with his hands and with his head, with his own humanity

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 07-10-2016 alle 22:00

Dove: Piano Terra

Indirizzo: Via Federico Confalonieri, 3 Milano

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