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The Future will be Confusing by Nicolay Boyadjiev

The Future will be Confusing by Nicolay Boyadjiev



The Future will be Confusing
Nicolay Boyadjiev discusses Hybrid Urbanism & The New Normal

In 2015/16, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design set out to explore the theme of " Hybrid Urbanism" : an exciting new intellectual space of possibility where the city and emergent technologies / processes meet and intersect. Initially constrained by the limiting distinction between " physical" vs. " digital" , it quickly became apparent that this understanding was outdated and needed to include reflection on a broader set of polarities: common vs. corporate interests, solicited vs. unsolicited interventions, utopian vs. reactionary outcomes... If anything was certain, it's that the future of urban design is as open-ended as ever and requires a new mindset, without prejudice and preconceptions, in order to make the most out of its now new and permanent state of instability.

In his presentation, Strelka alumni and " The New Normal" education curator Nicolay Boyadjiev discusses his process and key findings from his time at the experimental Strelka Institute in Moscow, showcases projects that test the boundaries of conventional urban design and presents " The New Normal" education program led by Benjamin Bratton in 2017.


Nicolay Boyadjiev is a Canadian / Bulgarian architect and designer. He completed his studies at McGill University in Montreal and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and upon graduation has worked on multiple large scale urban projects and idea competitions in North America, as well as private consulting projects in Russia and abroad. He is currently an education curator and tutor at the Strelka Institute in Moscow.

The New Normal - a 5-months free postgraduate programme in Moscow

Strelka’s new programme focuses on research and design for the city and explores the opportunities posed by emerging technologies for interdisciplinary design practices. It employs tools and approaches from a wide variety of disciplines and is developed in collaboration with a group of excellent Faculty: Benjamin Bratton, Lev Manovich, Liam Young, Keller Easterling, Metahaven and others. The New Normal programme is designed for young talented professionals from around the world with backgrounds in architecture, urban studies, digital media, interaction design, software studies, socials sciences, and other fields!

Strelka’s postgraduate programme is free and includes a monthly scholarship.

Applications are accepted until November 6 at

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* Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design is a non-profit educational institution in Moscow, Russia, founded in 2009. The Institute promotes positive changes and creates new ideas and values through its educational activities. Strelka provides new learning

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Quando: Lunedì 10-10-2016 alle 19:00


Indirizzo: Via Tortona, 54 Milano

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