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Smoking Monster - Magazzini Generali - Halloween Show Official

Smoking Monster - Magazzini Generali - Halloween Show Official



Year after year, INTERNATIONALWEEK and UNVERSITY EQUIPE put on the most over-the-top Halloween party imaginable!
The monster of all parties, the night that everyone looks forward to the entire year, and the most anticipated event of the year is finally in sight! By popular demand, for this glamorous Halloween event we chose MAGAZZINI GENERALI, via Pietrasanta 16, one of the biggest disco in town famous for hosting all the most famous DJs of the world.
As always, we guarantee an unbelievable Halloween mega party with beautiful people, amazing costume contests, phenomenal DJ lineup, and an experience that will make everyone talk about it for the years to come.
Everybody will be there!
THE MUSIC: Phenomenal sounds by 4 of Milan's top DJ spinning the best House, EDM, Top-40’s, Hip-Hop, and Mashups hits.
THE VENUE: Prepare to find yourself in a fairy-tale multi room, stunning location with three bars, an outdoor heated smoking patio and the most exclusive table service
COSTUMES: For this event, we challenge you to do your absolute best: we expect nothing less! Costumes are strongly recommended!
CONTESTS: We're featuring costume contests: the three best costumes will win. Prepare to show us what you got, at the biggest party of the year! All winners will receive bottles and free drinks!!!


Pre-sale tickets 15€ with 2 drinks included + Speedy Entry (NO QUEUE)
---> You can buy here:
Guest list before 00,59 15€ with 1 drink included
---> RSVP:
Non Guest list or after 01,00 15€ with no drink included

Dancefloor Tables: 360€ with 2 standard bottles + 12 free entry
Vip Tables: 500€ with 2 premium bottles + 12 free entry
Dj Tables: 1000€ with 4 premium bottles or 1 Jeroboam + 20 free entry

Info&Booking: +39.333.1444705

Erasmus Network: +39.392.7155341

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