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AcroYogaDance Beginners Workshop, Milan

AcroYogaDance Beginners Workshop, Milan



* Traduzione in Italiano a breve! *

If you practice yoga and can do a handstand against the wall for 20 seconds, this workshop will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!
We will show you that you are capable of far more than you realise :)

Founders of AcroYogaDance, Eugene & Pip, love creating beautiful movement and making it simple. We want to give you the tools to walk away feeling confident in what to practice. Repetition is the mother of skill which will enable you to feel the movement and automatically respond to your partner in a way that is both elegant and effective.

The goal is that each sequence is fun, if it's fun you'll make new connections with yourself and others and you'll do it more often, if you do it more often it can eventually become beautiful to perform. As it feels beautiful to perform it will also start to look beautiful and bring joy to those who see it as well as do it.
We will cover the important foundations of an AcroYoga practice, if you already have those foundations we'll give you progressions to build on them.


We will cover the foundations of handstand practice, and teach you how to spot another person's handstand; then we will introduce you to an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. The reason you will remember it is because we will prove to you that you are capable of far more than you realise... and introduce you to Hand-to-Hand practise.

Requirents to attend:
- 20 second handstand at the wall;
- a willingness to let us help you overcome your fears!

Eugene will personally base and coach all flyers in hand-to-hand with the goal of having you experience it with your best body alignment.
You do NOT need to have any experience of hand-to-hand.
You do NOT need to be able to balance a handstand on your own.

We'll show you what drills to practice in your own time to improve this skill and improve your handstand at the same time; how to safely begin Hand-to-Hand with a new partner; where do you start if they have never done it before; & what are the gradual progressions to explore and develop safely.

This workshop will cover basics and how to approach acroyoga as a practice so that you can get the most enjoyment and explore your full potential. So we will work both ends of the spectrum during the day, basics and inspiring stuff you maybe didn't think was possible yet.

Eugene -> @EugeneVeganButcher
Pip -> @AcroYogaBallerina


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Christiane Terrone
Yoga Event Organiser & Translator
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Quando: Domenica 19-02-2017 alle 15:00

Dove: Vinyasa Krama Yoga Milano

Indirizzo: via Valparaiso 9 Milano

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