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Quelli che impiegano male il loro tempo sono i primi a lamentarsi che passi troppo in fretta. Jean de La Bruyère

> Home > Eventi a Milano del 22-09-2017 > Vita Notturna > Lippstick Friday w/ Souldynamic // 22.09

Lippstick Friday w/ Souldynamic // 22.09

Lippstick Friday w/ Souldynamic // 22.09



22.09 - Lippstick & 5kin. present: LIPPSTICK FRIDAY w/ SOULDYNAMIC c/o QUANTIC Milano Via Larga, 8 Every weeks [22.30 - 04.00] -------------------------------------------------- E' ufficialmente partita la stagione 2017-18 con tante novità. La nuova base è il Quantic (ex G Lounge) locale completamente rinnovato e nel centro della città. Tutti i venerdì, dal 15 settembre in poi sarà Lippstick Friday. La qualità musicale che ci caratterizza rimane il cuore pulsante del nostro party con una programmazione di ospiti che procurerà orgasmi multipli a tutti gli appassionati di Funky, Disco, Housemusic. Follow us! Il locale è molto bello ma piccino. Per assicurarsi l'ingresso compila il form e presentalo all'ingresso >>> Ingresso con drink [[entro le 00.30]] > € 15 Ingresso con drink [[dopo le 00.30]] > € 20 Ingresso con drink lista o accredito [[sempre]] > € 15 Line up: resident > Soulful Train guest > Souldynamic - Excedo Records "Bio" Inspired by a deep passion for true underground music Luca and Stefano met in early 2000 to DJ and produce house music. After years working behind the scenes studying music and listening to their inspirational artists -Joe Claussell, Osunlade, Ron Trent, Timmy Regisford & many more, in 2007 they founded their own project “Souldynamic”, the fusion of the true love for soul music and the dynamic sound of the the underground beats of our days. Since then they have travelled all over the world, leaving their small home town in the heart of Italy to collaborate with some of the most influent heads in the house music scene, sharing the DJ booth with Kerri Chandler, Francois Kevorkian, David Morales, Osunlade, Karizma, Carl Cox, Dj Spen, Rich Medina, Luis Radio, Atjazz and many others. The dynamic duo have held residency at Southport Weekender’s open air festival SuncéBeat in Croatia since 2010 which then cemented their place at Southport Weekender itself playing at the last three events. Due to the high demand for their music they embarked on a magical United Kingdom journey playing regularly in one of the most influential cities on the underground music scene... London ! In their early careers they also appeared as guest DJ’s in some of the finest clubs in Europe such as Pacha (funky Room "Ibiza"), Room 26 (Rome), Beat Players at East Village (London), Kee Club (Hong Kong), Pacha (Mallorca), Nb Club (Coimbra), Armani Bar (Hong Kong), Urban Klub (Italy), Supperclub (Amsterdam), Duel:Beat (Naples), Ocean Beach (Ibiza), Bault (Amsterdam), Warehouse (Birmingham) just to name a few. Upon attending the Miami WMC in 2007 they had their first release on Bobby & Steve's legendary "Zoo Groove Stereo recordings". Since then, they have devoted their time to producing and remixing some of the most well known voices in the house music business such as Josh Milan, Margaret Grace, Peven Everett, Ultra Nate, Monique Bingham, Angela Johnson, Miranda Nicole, Dawn Tallman, Melba Moore, Robert Owens, Darryl D Bonneau & many more releasing their music on important labels as Tribe Recordings, King Street Sounds, DJ Spen's new label Quantize, Underground Music Collective, Code Red, Purple Music and more. Driven by a true and deep passion for real underground music they will keep working hard trying to realise their own dream and spread their love for music all over the world "Nice Story" Summer 2053, Oregon. Mark Wilfred, young US researcher, is conducting some territory studies after numerous citizens’ alerts about strange noises and sounds not reproducible in nature, audible, usually, since sunset until the middle of the night. Air is hot and rarefied, disturbing silence of the space around is broken by the disquieting of a dirty and oppressive wind. 7pm, the sun at the horizon begins to fade. Suddendly, boom! Dry. Powerful. Mark heard it very well, it comes from there, he thinks. He starts to run very fast, in the frenzy he loses his hat, but it doesn’t matter. As he approaches the sound, he can listen something like a ticking, precise, regular, a cadenced metronome, damnedly scary. The sound, however, it’s not in the air, it comes from the underground. Mark looks around, strange and confused. Now the noise becomes stranger, dominant, powerful. He doesn’t have a showel. He starts digging with his hands. The noise grows in a hawful way. Here it is! A cassette tape. The noise immediately stops. How to get it played? There are no long supports to play certain formats. Suddendly, Mark remembers to have an old record player, by his great-grandfather in his child house, preserved in a dusty drawer as a relic. So tape starts. Few words, the sound is disturbed, he can hear voices, smoky and dense, like pronounced in the fog. “Frosinone”. Silence. “Italy” Another 30 seconds of silence, but it seems like an eternity. “Another era, you don’t even know what you’re talking about”, two distinct voices pronounces. Situation is not clear for Mark, this makes no sense. “80s, 80s, 80s, 90s, 90s…” Silence. Then, again “2000s, 2000s”. Tape seems jammed. Then, far away, muffled beats start, and, irregularly, cluttered female voices. Content is certainly damaged. Irredeemably. Ten seconds of silence. Then, like a machine gun, incomprehensible words: “Ibisssza”, “Naipleis”, “Ruoum tweniscs”, “Mykonois Cav Pardais”, “Sooutpor wiukenda”, “Mieimi”… Grave silence, again. Then, like a rock thrown into the water with violence: “Equatoriale”, “Boiler Room”. Tape stops again, probably forever. Not before to give its last breath: a quick phrase that seems coming from The Beatles’ “Revolution 9”. And just thinking about The Beatles, Mark has an illumination. He decides to play the tape in backwards for those few seconds. Tape restarts. Now, the situation is clear. Very clear… “Souldynamic. Behing The Future” ------------------------------------------------------ *La direzione si riserva il diritto di selezione all'ingresso* Info Line +39 347 3083826 | +39 335 5231502

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 22-09-2017 alle 22:30

Dove: Quantic

Indirizzo: Via Larga 8 Milano

Prezzo: --

Link: Sito Web dell'evento