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C'è un solo modo di dimenticare il tempo: impiegarlo. Charles Baudelaire

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SPRINT—Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon Milano 17

SPRINT—Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon Milano 17



Join us from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th November 2017 in Milano for _|/_ 5° edition ↝ Display—Non-Profit Fair—Screening—Talk—Workshop—Performance—Host by O' and other places ↝ FRIDAY 24 NOVEMBER _|/_ Opening Night 18.00—22.00 EVER AND EVER exhibition curated by BATT coop ⟨Paris⟩, with The Bells Angels ⟨Simon Bernheim & Julien Sirjacq⟩, Jérôme Benitta, Hendrik Hegray, Antwan Horfee, Antoine Orand, Mario Picardo, Tristan Pernet & Maxime Sabourin ↝ Agalma, Via Confalonieri 36 • Friday 24 | 18.00—22.00 + Saturday 25~Sunday 26 | 13.00—19.00 SATURDAY 25~SUNDAY 26 NOVEMBER Non-Profit Book Fair INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS AND ARTISTS' BOOKS SALON All the artists and publishers here ↝ ↝ O', Via Pastrengo 12 | 13.00—20.00 Talk • Saturday 25 | 14.00—15.00 ↝ c-r-u-d, Via Cola Montano 13 • limited places, until full capacity DOMINATE SPIRITUALLY PROGRESS by Fabrizio Vatieri. An oddity to the individual, a requiem to his dreams and his failures + Talk • Saturday 25 | 16.00—17.00 WANDER ABOUT 90s QUEER CULTURE by Gabriele Longega. With readings from zines and collective manifestos such as Homocore and Lesbian Avengers + Talk • Saturday 25 | 18.00—19.00 KABUL presents COMPOST – REFLECTIONS ON ECOCENTRISM '...To demolish the hierarchical values scale that holds every binary distinction produced by the human being...' + Talk • Sunday 26 | 14.00—15.00 ↝ c-r-u-d, Via Cola Montano 13 • limited places, until full capacity NO GLOVES PLEASE by Claudia de la Torre ⟨Berlin⟩. An immersion into the making of books and editions as works of art from the founder of backbonebooks • the talk will be in English + Talk • Sunday 26 | 16.00—17.00 SUSY CULINSKI & FRIENDS by Beatrice Marchi and Fanta Spazio. The genesis and process of a choral exhibition on eroticism that has become a book + Talk • Sunday 26 | 18.00—19.00 PLEASURE TO CREATURES reading by ADAMANT/Rada Koželj. Stop competing with creatures and get back into that game interrupted by the rivalry: the game which gave them pleasure Performance THE RISO BOOK This series, produced by Colpa Press ⟨SF⟩ standardises the conditions of production underlying artist publications and presents the book as exhibition. On this occasion the project will be presented, for the first time, as a performative tool ↝ Pijama, Via Pastrengo 11 | 13.00—19.00 Display BLADE BANNER works by Antonio Barletta, Sara Enrico, Cleo Fariselli, SAGG NAPOLI, Marco Pio Muccio, Francesco Pedraglio ↝ c-r-u-d, via Cola Montano 13 | 13.00—19.00 + SACCHETTO An artist's multiple by Jonas Hermenjat, produced for the space Sonnenstube ⟨Lugano⟩, will be re-activated in a new free circulation, as a manifestation of a tropical feeling ↝ O', Via Pastrengo 12 13.00—20.00 ↝ Isola Mercato + WANDER ABOUT 90s QUEER CULTURE—expanded a 3D collage by Gabriele Longega from zines and collective manifestos to define the, pre-internet, personal and political ↝ Studio Matias Guerra, Via Pastrengo 13 | 13.00—19.00 Live Streaming Momentum Journal present SELADOR by Anna Franceschini featuring Matilde Cerruti Quara. A live streaming of objects in action ↝ O', Via Pastrengo 12 | 13.00—20.00 Screening THE BOOK IS ON THE SCREEN ⟨II ed.⟩ film and motion pictures on artist's book and d.i.y., curated by Valeria Raho ↝ O’~SoundOhm ⟨basement⟩, Via Pastrengo 12 | 13.00—19.00 + CIVIC TV Videos by emerging artists from the Bay Area and beyond in the format of a public access television show, with each volume available on VHS, curated by Colpa Press ⟨SF⟩ ↝ Aladino, Via Pastrengo 12 | 13.00—19.00 Workshop • for selected applicants only RISOGRAPH WORKSHOP Experiment the eco-friendly Riso print with Pierrick Brégeon and Clément Rouzaud ⟨CH⟩,assisted by artist Elena Radice ↝ Studio ATTO | 11.00—18.00 Open Call ↝ + MOVEMENT WORKSHOP ~ POSSE + #GEL The body as a page ^ The page as a body ^ Under Construction POSSE + #GEL ft. Lisen Pousette ⟨SVE⟩ ft. Mara Oscar Cassiani ⟨IT⟩ ↝ LachesiLAB | 10.00—13.00 Open Call ↝ Fundraising Party • Saturday 25 | 23.00—04.00 READING AFTER DANCING Dj set by PETRA ~ N.Y.E.M ~ ALIENI deambow ^ industrial i§land ^ bassline ^ + a remote reading by Rada Koželj at the end of the night ↝ KO Club, Via Resegone 1 ~ entry €5 Poster—Catalog • Come to take your free copy! For this edition the manifesto’s image is created by the german artist Maren Karlson Free access to all events, excluding workshop This edition is dedicated to Giorgio Maffei, a friend and generous being, passionate collector and book lover, to his brilliance and enthusiastic curiosity ∞ Patronage ↝ Municipio 9 - Comune di Milano Support ↝ Marsèll | Pijama | Tyrell Corp. Tech Sponsor ↝ Birrificio Lambrate | Food n the Hood | Graphidea | Thanks to Michele Lombardelli Media Partner ↝ Droste Effect | Goethe-Institut Mailand | Kaleidoscope | Ptwschool | That's Contemporary | ZERO ​ Press Office ↝ Piera Cristiani Voluneer Coordination ↝ Valeria Baudo, Petra Rocca Thanks to ↝ Fundraising Mark Capuzzi | Gaya Andre, Ilenia Arosio, Valeria Baudo, Elisa Bozzarelli, Zoe De Luca, Alice Daneluzzo, Camilla Candida Donzella, Chiara Fumai in spirit, Laura Marino, Carol Rama in spirit, Rammelzee in spirit, Elena Radice, Mirko Rizzi, Petra Rocca, Maite Rodriguez, Giulia Tognon ☻☺ SPRINT _|/_ Aims to involve in a crossing and sustainable way a selection of subjects and artists among the most interesting in the international independent publishing scene, featuring experiences or productions, dealing freely with different formats, languages, contents with a program that combines talks, workshops, exhibitions, performance. Every edition is extending collaborations, committed to foster people and paths. The first episode took place in Milan in 2013— An idea by O' non profit association ↝ Curated and designed by the artist Dafne Boggeri ↝ Archive past _|/_ edition 2016 ↝ 2015 ↝ 2014 ↝ 2013 ↝ 👀

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Categoria: Mostre e Cultura

Quando: Alle 18:00 dal 24-11-2017 al 26-11-2017

Dove: O'

Indirizzo: Via Pastrengo n. 12 Milano

Prezzo: Vario

Link: Sito Web dell'evento