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'unsold paintings' (a contemporary picture gallery), Jacqueline Peeters at Zazà

'unsold paintings' (a contemporary picture gallery), Jacqueline Peeters at Zazà



Combining contemporary art and Japanese cuisine, Zazà Ramen sake bar & restaurant inaugurates a new project in collaboration with Jacqueline Peeters (Eindhoven, 1961).

The artist presents a selection of her pictorial works set up like a typical 17th century paintings collections, namely covering the walls up to the ceiling and arranged by colour combinations and dimensions, rather than chronological order. Based on a shared vision with Brendan Becht, a long-time friend and founder of Zazà Ramen and its artistic program, Jacqueline Peeters’ exhibition is a journey into the artist's imagination and intimate world. Her paintings, in which words play a central role, can be regarded as an open criticism of the art system but above all they express the artist’s inability to become part of it: an artist without an audience must shout, self-promote, plan exhibitions and invite the right people. This " scream" of frustration is transformed into a creative drive and becomes the theme of the artist's research itself, developing a pictorial meta-discourse.

The intimate setting of the restaurant welcomes Peeters’s work with simplicity and genuineness, and reminds that of the artist’s studio in Belgium. This way, her work transforms Zazà Ramen into the most personal place for artistic creation, the atelier. From there arise the fantasies of creating an exhibition of unsold paintings, which the artist completes by designing posters, invitations, price lists, photographic documentation, press material, interview, etc... Jacqueline Peeters creates an imaginary exhibition through her works by painting on canvas titles and information such as dimensions, dates, technique and prices. The painting " Victorie Kraait / Victory" , for example, is an invitation to the public to meet the artist who talks about herself under the pseudonym " Madame de Parme" . With a great sense of irony, Jacqueline Peeters plays a game with the art world and comes to the conclusion that she can paint anything she wants.

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