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AUNA questa sera ANNULLATA PER ALLAGAMENTO. Ci rifacciamo domani da Legno!

AUNA questa sera ANNULLATA  PER ALLAGAMENTO. Ci rifacciamo domani da Legno!



Adam Asnan / Riccardo Baruzzi / Francesco Brasini / Sebastiano Carghini / Massimo Carozzi / Attila Faravelli / Giovanni Lami / Giuseppe Ielasi / Luciano Maggiore / Enrico Malatesta / Nicola Ratti / Renato Rinaldi / Dominique Vaccaro/ Jennifer Veillerobe

Sound / Action / Space / Background noise / Vision / Rudiment / Polyrhythm / Surface / Resonance / Drift

Auna is a research event promoted and realised by the musicians and sound artists participating in it.
Initially envisaged as a closed residential project, aimed at developing new sound material and paths of usage within a limited ensemble, Auna is now becoming a formal package that works with the living dimensions of concert and performance.

Auna’s founding premise is to enable for, and emphasise a period of study and experimentation among musicians. The outcomes of this period, be it either developing collaborations or continuations of existing ones, are performed to the public within the same spaces, over two evenings.

Temporary ensembles will be put together according to internally defined criteria, as such, solo concerts are avoided here, since interaction among musicians and between musicians and space, through improvisation (conceived as a generative knowledge practice), is the common interest and goal of such research.

On the 14th and 15th November 2014, Auna shall reach its third formal edition, hosted by ZONA K in Milan. The previous events took place in September 2013 Teatro Moderno in Agliana, and April 2014 at Area Sismica in Forlì. The first two meetings, however, date back to 2013 and took place in the spaces of Raum in Bologna and at the Area Sismica in Forlì. All these spaces have become, in each their own way, part of the project itself, as will be each new forthcoming space, to host AUNA and it's musicians.


Giuseppe Ielasi | Jennifer Veillerobe
Massimo Carozzi |Enrico Malatesta | Adam Asnan
Sebastiano Carghini | Renato Rinaldi

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Domenica 16-11-2014 alle 18:30

Dove: Legno

Indirizzo: Via Tolmezzo 12/4 Milano

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