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M1 DEAD PREZ & BONNOT live in Milan CSOA Lambretta 12 Dec.

M1 DEAD PREZ & BONNOT live in Milan CSOA Lambretta 12 Dec.



Il CSOA Lambretta è lieto di invitarvi il 12 Dicembre in Via Cornalia 6 a questo grande evento musicale
Special guest: M1 DEAD PREZ & BONNOT

Dalle 22.30: Open Mic

Dalle 23.00 : Zam HipHopLab Flussi uniti nel Caos

Dalle 24.30: M1 DEAD PREZ & BONNOT

Dalle 2.00 : DJ SET



Hip Hop Artist M1 from dead prez (USA) and producer Bonnot from Assalti Frontali (Italy)

AP2P means All Power to the People!, a slogan that finds its origin in the Black Power/Liberation Movement that defined the late sixties in the US and abroad. It's no wonder that why M1 (from the revolutionary hip hop group dead prez) and Bonnot (DJ and producer in the long-standing, revolutionary Italian group Assalti Frontali) joined forces under the AP2P banner.

M1 and Bonnot first met almost 10 years ago in Rome. After dead prez was featured on Bonnot's uprising tune " Let's Get Organized" from his Intergalactic Arena album, M1 and Bonnot saw a powerful opportunity to build an inter-continental, anti-imperialist, sound system that could bridge progressive communities, ideas, and more importantly, energize the people. After the album release party for Intergalactic Arena, which dead prez headlined in 2010, M1 and Bonnot (named after the French revolutionary) went back to Bonnot's studio in the small town of Bergamo, Italy. That night, inspired by Robert Nesta Marley's seminal anthem Zimbabwe, the two artists laid down tracks for their first tune " Real Revolutionary." The pounding track was manipulated by the up-tempo rhythms carrying a tenacious wobbling bass along with clever mandolin strumming and cliff-diving drops. AP2P was born. With help from a few legendary friends like Paolo Fresu (trumpet), Tino Tracanna (saxophone), General Levy (UK jungle legend), Talib Kweli (Brooklyn MC) and others, the self-titled debut album was carefully crafted and released in in 2012.

Bonnot brings many years of top level musicianship to the new duo, including his ear for rock, his study of jazz (upright bass) and hip hop, and his renowned skills for being a monster DJ playing electronic, drum and bass, jungle, and other genres to large crowds of sweaty youth. M1, with his " call to action" style emceeing, no-compromise politics, and Africa-mindedness ideology make for an explosive soundscape and an even more lethal live show.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 12-12-2014 alle 22:30

Dove: CSOA Lambretta

Indirizzo: Piazza Edoardo Ferravilla 11 Milano

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