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SHE PAST AWAY + Date at Midnight + Der Himmel Uber Berlin @ BLACK CIRCUS

SHE PAST AWAY + Date at Midnight + Der Himmel Uber Berlin @ BLACK CIRCUS



Date at Midnight
Der Himmel Uber Berlin

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She Past Away is a band from Turkey described as the “new dark-wave” in articles and reviews throughout the world. Their music compiles elements from the dark, sensational side of 80’s, often associated with bands like The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, Grauzone, and DAF. SPA brings back that era with today’s approach and Turkish lyrics which gives the band that unique edge.

The band was formed in 2006 and released the digital EP " Kasvetli Kutlama" in 2010. Debut album " Belirdi Gece" was released in 2012. Available in vinyl format by Fabrika Records, CD format by Dead Scarlet Records, and digital format on all major mp3 stores.

She Past Away gained a lot of recognition with the debut album " Belirdi Gece" . Articles, reviews and listings about the band appeared in many magazines and blogs worldwide.

The band is currently touring internationally and working on the second album due in fall 2014.

Follow this page for the latest news on tour dates and more...

She Past Away ist eine türkische Band, die in Artikeln und Kritiken weltweit als die „neue Dark Wave” beschrieben wird. Ihre Musik enthält Elemente von der dunklen, sensationellen Seite der 80er, die oft mit Bands wie The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, Grauzone und DAF assoziiert werden. SPA bringt diese Ära mit aktuellem Ansatz und türkischen Texten zurück, die der Band diesen einzigartigen Touch verleihen.

Die Band wurde 2006 gegründet und veröffentlichte 2010 die digitale EP „Kasvetli Kutlama“.

Das Debütalbum „Belirdi Gece“ folgte 2012, erhältlich im Vinyl format von Fabrika Records, als CD von Dead Scarlet Records und im digitalen Format in allen großen MP3-Stores.

She Past Away erlangte mit Ihrem Debütalbum " Belirdi Gece" große Anerkennung. In vielen Zeitschriften und Blogs rund um den Globus erschienen Artikel, Kritiken und Listings über die Band.

Die Band tourt aktuell international und arbeitet an ihrem zweiten Album, das im Herbst 2014 herauskommen soll.

Official Page : www.facebook.com/shepastaway

" Date at Midnight "

Date at Midnight (www.dateatmidnight.com) formed in Rome in 2007, and quickly established a reputation both in Italy and abroad: during last years they’ve been playing extensively in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and France; the current line - up features Daniele De Angelis (voice), Pasquale Vico (bass), Francesco Barone (guitar) and Francesco Mignogna (drums), who joined the band in 2012, succeeding to Danilo Staniscia.
After their debut, self - titled EP (2008), they signed an agreement with Manic Depression Records (www.manicdepressionrecords.com) to release in 2012 their first full – length, “No Love”.
They are distinguished by a powerful sound in which the ruins of the Eternal City meet the chaotic and obsessive feelings of metropolitan landscapes, introspective and hard-to-confess sensations, betrayed hope, and pervasive irony, combining the instinct of Post-punk, the roots of Gothic Rock, and the dramatic attitude of Deathrock in a strikingly personal style, resulting in solid, absorbing rhythms topped with abrasive, crazy guitar and theatrical, imposing vocals, with English and Italian lyrics which frame, with disenchantment, the decadence of our times.

Official Page : www.facebook.com/dateatmidnightband

" Der Himmel über Berlin "

Siamo fuggiti dalla realtà per immergerci negli abissi dell'anima ora siamo pronti per sgusciare fuori da uova di serpente e lattice avvolti da placenta e plastica siamo tremolanti respiri siamo nuvole con unghie di carta sottili fulmini che penetrano il cielo.

We escaped from reality to sink in our souls depths. Now we are ready to slip out from latex snake eggs, wrapped in placenta and plastic. We are pulsing breaths, we are clouds with thin paper nails, lightnings piercing the sky.

Official Page : www.facebook.com/pages/Der-Himmel-über-Berlin/152787191416864


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