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Lisetta Carmi — Jacopo Benassi
curated by Carlo Madesani

opening: Thursday, January 15th 2015, 6.30 pm
January 16th – February 13th 2015

Pomo Galerie and Carlo Madesani are pleased to present the exhibition Princese (Princesses). Lisetta Carmi — Jacopo Benassi, a study about a world that seems choreographic and histrionic but that was captured, through photographs, in all its timeless and painful dignity: the universe of the en travesti dressed people, who would consciously dare the society in the ’60s and still do nowadays.

On New Year’s Eve 1965, the photographer Lisetta Carmi participated in an event with a group of Transvestites. They were in Genoa, by the promenade and a new year was about to begin, it was a feast day. So she asked to take pictures of them.

Starting that day, for 7 years Lisetta, who had grown up in a middle-class family, hung out at the “carruggi”, the alleys and streets of the old port city, the Jewish ghetto, while building an intimate and personal relationship with the Transvestites. They are the “heroic travelers through a world of new identities”, and she is a woman who is looking for her own identity.

Following that work, in 1972 the book I Travestiti (Transvestites) was published. The book struggled to be distributed at first and was about to be destroyed, only to become, years later, a photography cult, considered a reportage of a lost world, of an obscure Italy, that nevertheless still kept its values alive.

Almost 50 years later, Jacopo Benassi retraces those lives and streets, and meets the survivors of those consumed and yet unchanged paths. Benassi had already studied the world of prostitution and the gay universe from many, also personal, perspectives. Among those working pied-à-terre, Benassi met, interviewed and photographed Rossella and Ursula, the only survivors of the fabulous ’60s. He explored the carruggi with them, as they recalled the details of a town now transformed.

Lisetta Carmi
Born in Genoa in 1924. Lives and works in Cisternino, Apulia.

Jacopo Benassi
Born in La Spezia in 1970, where he lives and works.

Carlo Madesani
Bon in Milan in 1967. He is an independent curator and a gallerist at camera16 contemporary art, a gallery that specializes in photography. He lives and works in Milan.

Pomo Galerie
It’s a non-commercial contemporary exhibition space linked to POMO, an art direction and graphic design studio located in Milan. Pomo Galerie was inaugurated in December 2013 and hosts exhibitions and events curated by special guests curators and international magazines.

Via Giuseppe Sirtori, Milan


Lisetta Carmi — Jacopo Benassi
curated by Carlo Madesani

Opening: Thursday, January 15th 2015, h 6.30 pm
January 16th – February 13th 2015

from Monday to Friday 9.30 am – 6.30 pm
free entrance

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