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Andrea Crews Spring Summer 2015 Collection Launch

Music by DJ ENRICO B

Andrea Crews is the precursor of the playful and colorful eco-friendly fashion thanks to its innovative process of upcycling and its streetwear couture style.

Andrea Crews has designed & presented more than fifteen collections, which are developped around two lines. The High Street line and the Artisanal one, consisting of upcycled unique pieces produced in its parisian atelier.

The Andrea Crews style is oversized, unisex, colourful and bold. It plays with fabric mix, strong prints and the re-appropriation of fashion codes.

Andrea Crews considers the fashion garment as a communication medium, as an extension of the personality, which tells a singular story.

Active figure of the art world, Andrea Crews throws herself as much in the public sphere as in institutions for unique and transversal performances. Inter-artists platform, she gathers photographers, designers, video makers, musicians and performers.

Andrea Crews is also a creative agency that proposes to other brands energetic artistic direction.
Andrea Crews is anchored in the creative world as a place of resistance and freedom.

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