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WEED SESSIONS #2 w/ LA HELL GANG (Chile, BYM Records / Mexican Summer)

WEED SESSIONS #2 w/ LA HELL GANG (Chile, BYM Records / Mexican Summer)



La Società Psychedelica & C O M M U N I O N present:


" Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land"

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LA HELL GANG (Chile - BYM Records / Mexican Summer)


Earning high praise from their debut, 2010′s Just What Is Real, La Hell Gang have traded in the cleaner, ’60s-indebted sonics which populated that record with something more complex, a murkier palate that instills these eight songs with languid mystery. Thru Me Again wades through these danger-infested waters with otherworldly grace, hanging back in the frame while their brand of laced blues wander fills the room with an unassailable vibe of concentrated lust. Providing a counterpart to the sounds of fellow travelers in their homebase of Santiago, such as Watchout! and Föllakzoid, Thru Me Again is the product of a band mastering its own language, and learning that the tender moments of their music can go as deep as their proverbial paint-peelers. You might be visiting this new world, but La Hell Gang lives there, knows every crater, all the flora and fauna, and have generously offered to take you on a journey of their architected existence. You would be wise to follow.

Aftershow dj set:
DAVMATIC (lsp) + C O M M U N I O N trip set

Free Bong Ride provided by Hempatia Milano


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Opening: H 22.00 || Live: H 23.00 || Entrance: 5 (up to you)

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