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THE QBO - Fuorisalone 2015

THE QBO - Fuorisalone 2015



qBo combines design and quality craftsmanship in a piece that stands out for functionality and beauty. Wood aged in the sun grants the object the refinement of a rare object and the characteristic style of antique handmade furnishings. Over 20 positions, a sculpture of many facets, a constantly changing work of art, an object and a piece of furniture that is easily transfigured, passing from form to form. Thanks to the experience of Haute Material, gained in decades of creations diplayed and exported all over the world, the object imagined by Marc Kalinka and designed in partnership with the Supercake, a group of young architects and designers based in Milan, became real and is now facing the public during the Fuorisalone 2015.

Opening 14.04.15
Doorbell/citofono 1933
2nd courtyard

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Martedì 14-04-2015 alle 18:30

Dove: spazioRAW

Indirizzo: corso di P.Ta Ticinese 69 Milano

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