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Prime Matter Exhibition | Milan Furniture Fair

Prime Matter Exhibition | Milan Furniture Fair




This year again, The Emmanuel Babled Editions will be featured during the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile - Also known as the Milan Furniture Fair - which is the international reference event in Design.

The “Prime Matter” exhibition will take place from April 14th – 19th at the Palazzo Litta, a Baroque building from 17th century. This prestigious framework will welcome the work of Emmanuel Babled, who spent many years steeping in the Italian culture, closely with the craftsmen. The entrance is free !

“Prime Matter”, as the name indicates, tries to highlight the research dedicated to the materials, root of every conception. Ardent proponent of the " Genius Loci" , Emmanuel grants a special importance to the materials used for its productions. Marble from Carrara, Glass from Murano, Black Walnut from America and so forth. Each material is chosen according to its quality, its legitimacy and its environment repercussions. Then the creativity expresses itself, shaping those materials with the help of latest technology software, and giving birth to unique and innovative pieces.

Those conditions are gathered in the following editions that will be shown:

• Librastone

• Quark Tables

• Digit installation

• Omega vases

• Osmosi Furniture

• Etna Tables

• Arcana Chest

Find more information about the pieces and their production on www.babled.net

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Alle 10:00 dal 14-04-2015 al 19-04-2015

nei seguenti giorni : Mar - Mer - Gio - Ven - Sab - Dom

Dove: Palazzo Litta, Milan

Indirizzo: -- Milano

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