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#LinguaFranca - Milan

#LinguaFranca - Milan



Along with the growing specialisation and increased use of technology in design, there has also been a flourishing in rhetoric and jargon, ultimately making it more difficult to use language to communicate. At the same time, there is a growing importance for design to be communicated across boundaries to give shape to the growing complexity and pressing environmental, social, and economic concerns of our society. But, what resources are available for identifying means of reclaiming language? Will disambiguating rhetoric and translating jargon help design language to resonate with meaning across diverse publics?

Lingua Franca is the second in a series of explorations on giving meaning to design language. This project seeks to situate common design rhetoric and jargon used at design fairs—in this case the Design fair in Milan— within everyday life in the city. This is followed by a reflection and panel discussion on bridging language and design across design and various publics.


Thursday 16th

*We will be distributing a series of kits, which you can use to situate words commonly used in Design in the everyday life of the city.

Saturday 18th

*Reflection on design language and language in design, with the different people that take part on the activity.

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Categoria: Mostre e Cultura

Quando: Giovedì 16-04-2015 alle 12:00

Dove: Atelier Clerici

Indirizzo: Via Clerici, 5 Milano

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