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" Suicide Commando Live " @ The Theatre

"  Suicide Commando Live "  @ The Theatre



" Black Circus "
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Not many Electro-bands can look back upon a quarter of a century of existence, numerous timeless club anthems and still be going strong as hell! Started back in 1986 with very limited equipment and heavily influenced by EBM legends like Klinik or Front 242, Suicide Commando over the years also became one of the rare acts pioneering an entire genre.
After releasing 9 demo tapes Suicide Commando soon got picked up by the rising german Off Beat label who released their first album " critical stage" back in 1994. Only one year later Suicide Commando already return with their 2nd album " stored images" , including their first big clubhit " see you in hell" , in 1996 followed by the " contamination" EP. Two years later Johan returns with his 3rd studio album " construct-destruct" , offering some new clubfood with " better off dead" and " desire" . End of the nineties Suicide Commando leaves Off Beat to start a new episode at Dependent Records.
After releasing a collection of old demo takes on " chromdioxyde" , the band unleashes " mindstrip" on us in 2000, including new club anthems like " hellraiser" or yet " love breeds suicide" . The " mindstrip" album brought Suicide Commando to the top of the harsh electro scene. Also its successor " axis of evil" in 2003 once again becomes an instant hit. After extensive touring throughout Europe and releasing several new singles and EP's the band finally returns with new material in 2006. " Bind torture kill" soon will become the band next big thing. To celebrate 20 years of Suicide Commando the limited X20 boxset is being released in 2007 and still the story goes on. In 2009 Suicide Commando signs to the german Out Of Line label and after releasing their first ever 7" vinyl " severed head/until we die" soon their new album " implements of hell" hits the stores in 2010, delivering us their next clubhits " die motherfucker die" , " death cures all pain" or yet " God is in the rain" .
2011 will become another milestone in SUICIDE COMMANDO's history as they exist exactly 25 years. To celebrate this unique birthday the band releases " the suicide sessions" , a luxury 6 CD boxset including their first 3 studio albums and 3 more CD's full of rare and previously unreleased material from their early days.
For over two decades the godfather of Harsh Electro has been bombarding us now with countless club smashers and morbid soundtracks, and still the end is not in sight. Full speed ahead!
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Live Show:

SUICIDE COMMANDO ---> 23:30 - 00:45
SELENE RIOT ---> 22:55 - 23:25
WORMZ ---> 22.20 - 22:50
JOHN ROX ---> 21.45 - 22:15

Aftershow Dj Set:

Dark Circus:

DJs : Moreno, Black Ossian

Genere : Dark, Gothic, New Wave, Industrial, ElectroPop, Dark Wave, '80, Indie, Alternative, Alternative-Rock, Electro, EBM, Industrial.

Diabolika Circus:

DJs : Virus, Luca EW, [infected] n0123, E-WastE, Lorenzo, Rosso

Special Guests :

From Decadence : Valentine

Genere : Electro, EBM, TBM, Industrial, Aggrotech, Harsh.


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Official Page :


Official Page :

Con i Mezzi:
- tram linea 15 dalle fermate della metropolitana Abbiategrasso o Missori.
da fermata Abbiategrasso MM2
da fermata Missori MM3

scendere alla fermata Via Curiel/Via Maggi.

Orari ritorno:

In Auto: Tangenziale Ovest uscita 7 bis Rozzano/Quinto de stampi.
Ampio parcheggio gratuito.

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Direzione Artistica: Red
Per Info Segreteria: 340/5209575
Reperibilità: dalle 10.00 alle 19.00

Per info: 340/5209575 - 366/4238331
Reperibilità: dalle 10.00 alle 19.00

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Venerdì 08-02-2013 alle 21:00

Dove: The Theatre Club

Indirizzo: Via Sesia 10 Milan

Prezzo: ..

Link: Sito Web dell'evento