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Qway | 1st issue - Planetcare by Siliqoon

Qway | 1st issue - Planetcare by Siliqoon



Qway is an on-line issue about global future trends published by Siliqoon. The first issue will be launched online > www.siliqoon.com/qway < the July 3th, 2015 at The Art Markets, with a featured work by Iain Ball.


" During the act of observing the sky, our ancestors began to link stars in constellations. They just started to aggregate the inexplicable into meaning paths. For humans, observing the reality who surrounds us, sooner or later turns into a creative act, able to organize it in rules, not only to explain it, but also to govern it. Today those stars or, out of metaphor, the foolish points that make up our reality, have multiplied themselves to infinity, creating a cluster so dense and changeable to look like a biological organism. In this new scenario, the practice of ‘connecting the dots’ loses its effectiveness, because our gaze is no longer able to organize them due to data overload, and the system itself has started to mature its own dynamics, like flow aggregation or evolution, exactly like an organism. In the context of hyper-accelerated evolutionary landscape, trends identification becomes vital to understand from which evolutionary stream we are going to offshoot our mutation path. It's the mad fish who for the first time take a step out of the water."

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