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'CAP What's Cooking?' Offical Project launch: Milan EXPO

'CAP What's Cooking?' Offical Project launch: Milan EXPO



This free event is organised under the 'We feed the Planet' (by Slow Food Youth Network framework. The aim is to bring 2,000 young people, mainly farmers, together for a 3 day program of workshops, debates and lectures.

In the framework of this, the 'CAP, What’s cooking?' side event will be organised on Sunday evening, October 4th 2015. The event will offer some 150 people the opportunity to learn about the 'CAP, What’s cooking?' Project.

CAP, What’s Cooking?’ is a European project that will host a series of cookery events, in Poland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland and Denmark, on farms across Europe. The aim of this campaign is to make the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) more ‘digestible’ for the general public.

Based on these events, in April 2016 a CAP Cook Book will be published with basic CAP information, farm portraits and delicious recipes from local chefs, that you can try at home. At this kick-off event, participants get an in-depth introduction into the project, and a small taste of what the different cookery events will be like.

'CAP, What's Cooking?' is organised by Groupe de Bruges, in collaboration with @Slow Food Youth Network and CEJA, the European Young Farmers Council. The project is funded by DG Agri of the European Commission.

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