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What are the future horizons in the space exploration and research? How are Italy and Europe contributing to shape these horizons? A pool of Italian excellences in innovation, field experience and entrepreneurship will guide us through this space journey

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After debating about 0-km food production models, the future of Italy, the international energy market and global changes, ASP Alumni is ready to take off for space exploration.

Following the leading role of Politecnico di Milano in the Rosetta mission, the involvement of many Italian astronauts in international space expeditions, and the challenges that are currently driving space research and business, on the 24th October ASP Alumni is trying to understand the current situation of space exploration and research, and discuss its development horizons.

The seminar “Space Horizons” is meant as an opportunity to discuss a number of hot topics in the space exploration field with a pool of heterogeneous players:

Franco Bernelli - Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano - is going to share his experience as a member of the group from Politecnico di Milano that lead the technical side of the Rosetta mission. He will help us understanding what are the advances in technology and space research, and the organizational dynamics of international space projects.

Luca Rossettini - entrepreneur, founder and CEO of D-Orbit, Alumnus Polimi - is bringing his experience as young startupper. He is going to present his successful business and technology model, which addresses one of the most important challenges to the sustainability of today’s space exploration: space debris.

Luisa Innocenti - head of ESA's Clean Space initiative since 2012 - is going to share with us the perspective of how international agencies like the European Space Agency, are working in order make space missions and research environmentally sustainable, protecting both Earth and space environments.

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