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HYPE fun & wild <<<<< sabato 28 novembre>>>>>>Rocca Brivio (MIilno) Via Rocca Brivio 10, 20098 San Giuliano Milanese

HYPE fun & wild <<<<< sabato 28 novembre>>>>>>Rocca Brivio (MIilno) Via Rocca Brivio 10, 20098 San Giuliano Milanese



HYPE group:
Quando la passione diventa stile di vita, modo di essere, pensiero positivo, voglia di esprimersi, di condividere di partecipare nasce HYPE Fun & Wild
La musica al centro del mondo HYPE, musica come fondamentale espressione dell’essere umano, stile, arte, cultura, profondamente e indissolubilmente legata alla sua esistenza. Nel significato più profondo e positivo quale espressione del sentimento umano. Voglia di divertirsi, stare insieme, condividere emozioni, sentimenti, vibrazioni e farne momenti indimenticabili.
<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><>-------------------------------->>>.:.:,Special Guest


Simon t, dj and producer, born in Milan. Grown listening to parent’s ‘70s funk’s vinyl who were so keen in music… When he was fourteen took his first technics turntables and a mixer. So he start to try mixing whole time parent’s vinyls.. Music capture his life, first with the earlier house music, as acid, and than with tech… At seventeen he plays ahead of 1500 people in the craziest afternoon’s parties for teenagers. Ever since he go deep into the music: he starts working in studio with the “Lectrik Workers”(rago and farina), ‘90s electro music’s pioneers, cooperating with them for an age, and playing in clubs all over Italy and Europe in great partys like Angels of love (Neaples) where he plaid with Steve Bug and Satoshi Tomiie,El Row Barcelona,Nosense( Budapest ) Xlib ( Kiev ). Simon is a multifaceted artist that do not loves be restricted in any forms: he has a background that goes from the real funk to tech, developed and evolved during his career. Polishing his flawless technique on turntables and his musician taste he begun resident in parties as Pervert, Amnesia Milan,Pulp club in Milan,Quinte,Gasoline,the Loft,Classic,Bolgia and many others. In those locations he played with lots of electro music’s holy monsters as Deep Dish,Locodice,Luciano,Timo Mass,Steve Bug,Satoshi Tomiie,Magda,Tania Vulcano,X-press 2,Davide Squillace....With some friends of him, organized on sunday morning his kind of after party in Milan and over Italy : “ Nessundorma/Toolong” and one at month " I.U.M." (Ibiza underground movement).In a little club that contains just 500 people he at last can express freely his continuos musical testings... With another friend, Miskia, built the “Moodz” project inspired by friendship and love for music. A new concept of freshly squeezed sperimental suond.Their style has a tech house base with deep,funk and underground vibes.Their last projects on Sleep is Commercial Berlin,Be real Amsterdam and many other labels are supported and played by Marco Carola,Richie Hawtin,Luciano,Dubfire,Matthew Dear,Danny Tenaglia,Adam Beyer,Karotte,Paco Osuna,Mathias Kaden,Mark Henning…..
Simon has just now remixed Jose De Divina on Digital Traffik an old school bomb that is played by Barem,Gel Abril,Paco Osuna and many others.
Simon is playing also on Ibiza Global Radio in the program Keeping Underground with Basti grub,Aldo Cadiz,Miss Jools,Nima Gorji,Andre Butano,Matt Star….


tempura records // toxic recording //circles digital

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Sabato 28-11-2015 alle 21:00

Dove: Rocca Brivio

Indirizzo: Via Rocca Brivio 10 San Giuliano Milanese

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