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Mercoledì 25 novembre *LIFT* presents Special Guest DJ *SONNY FODERA* (DEFECTED)

Mercoledì 25 novembre *LIFT* presents Special Guest DJ *SONNY FODERA* (DEFECTED)



Serata toppissima mercoledì *LIFT* all'HOLLYWOOD..;-)
Un ringraziamento speciale a tutto lo Staff di LIFT e PERVERT..;-) ai TOP DJs DOSEM, OBI BABY, MATTHEW LIMA, SIMON RICCI e ai tantissimi amici e amiche che sono venuti..;-)

Vi aspettiamo mercoledì 25 novembre
con un ospite speciale..;-)


presenta per la prima volta..





In collaborazione con Luca Cavallari, Gianluca Seven, Vise, Music Life, Jordan de Grandis

Ingresso in lista 10 euro con consumazione entro l'1,00, 15 euro con consumazione entro l'1,30

SPECIALE UNIVERSITARI 10 euro con due drink con tesserino universitario entro l'1,30

160€ per 6 (PISTA)
200€ per 6 (SOTTO CONSOLLE)
280€ per 6 (PRIVE')


Sonny Fodera
Having come up through the ranks at a startling rate, Australian Sonny Fodera is now leading from the front.
Over the last couple of years, the man originally turned on to the dance by Derrick Carter has fomented his own groove driven brand of house that now resonates around the world. His most complete artistic statement to date came in the form of his excellent debut full length, Moving Forward, in 2014: featuring a heavyweight selection of collaborators and coming on Green Velvet/Cajmere’s taste making Chicago
label Cajual Records, it paired plenty of bouncy bass with lush synths, fresh vocals and feel­good melodies that veered from the dance floor to the beach and back again.
Keeping up the pressure in 2014, that LP was followed up with compilations on Deep Down and Defected that found Sonny adding his remix flair to a bunch of classics, and after that came sophomore effort After Parties & Aeroplanes. Again a collaborative affair featuring the likes of Doorly, Gene Farris and Cajmere, it was a more jacking, sharp- edged treat designed for maximum dance floor impact, but was also stuffed with unforgettable vocals that agin saw Sonny stepping up his game.
As well as these high impact works, Sonny has also turned out a consistently excellent string of EPs on labels like Suara, Defected and Farris Wheel Recordings, as well as his own Beatdown, that continue to win him ever more fans around the globe. Never was this more true than with ‘Let Go’, a collaboration with Cervendos that sat pretty in the Beatport
Deep House Top 10 for no less than 12 weeks in 2014. Though inspired by peers such as Dusky and Claude Von Stroke, Sonny has his very own modern house sound that is
refreshingly out on its own and puts to good use the music technology and electronic production courses he took at the University of Adelaide as a youth.
As a result, of course, Sonny is a hugely in demand DJ. It was his smooth technical skills in the booth that first won him the affections of Green Velvet, and nowadays he weaves his tight, seductive sets featuring all colours of the house spectrum everywhere from Footwork Toronto to Warung in Brazil, Cielo in New York City to Pacha, Sankeys, DC10 and Ushuaia Tower in Ibiza as well as We ARE FETVL and many others. The future is
just as bright as the past for Sonny, who was born in Adelaide, Australia, and has lived between there, Ibiza, the USA and the UK since, though he is currently settled in London.
It means he is fully focussed on the next chapter, which already promises to be a thrilling one for his fans, with a new album due on Cajual, as well as more EPs on influential labels Visionquest and DirtyBird.

Per info liste & prenotazione tavoli:

Guido D'Annunzio +39.335.5728827
Luca Cavallari +39.393.3304467
Vise +39.338.1267367
Toni Vlove 393/8362859
Valentina 366/4128684
Elena Petra Petrini 334/7252167
Roberta Citterio 338/5666228
Lidia FacciamoCasino 380/1555361
Manu 392/2265741
Stefania Pippi-Evolution Vitali 347/7136269
Jordan De Grandis 347/0970905

HOLLYWOOD CLUB Corso Como 15, Milano

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