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The Third Eye Foundation - MATT ELLIOTT plays SEMTEX @ BIKO CLUB - Milano | Domenica 29 novembre

The Third Eye Foundation - MATT ELLIOTT plays SEMTEX @ BIKO CLUB - Milano | Domenica 29 novembre



Via Audio è fiera di presentare:

Domenica 29 novembre 2015 - H.21.30
The Third Eye Foundation - MATT ELLIOTT plays SEMTEX
Arci Biko - Via Ettore Ponti, 40 - Milano


The Third Eye Foundation is the project of Matt Elliot, a protagonist of the Bristol scene, first active with Flying Saucer Attack and then with Amp, but stylistically affiliated to the jungle scene. His approach to dance music harks back to 1970s industrial music, in particular to Throbbing Gristle's cacophony, and therefore resulted in sonic puzzles of difficult appeal. On the debut album Semtex (Linda's Strange Vacation, 1995), and on the collection of collaborations In Version (Linda's Strange Vacation, 1996), Elliot was helped out only by Debbie Parsons.
Semtex (Linda's Strange Vacation, 1995) is all about lo-fi production, atmospheric guitar textures (Seefeel-grade guitar-based ambient music) and jungle breakbeats. Sleep is the best amalgam of shoegazing and jungle. When the beat chills down, 3YF drifts in Orb-grade trance (Dreams On His Fingers, the 12-minute Once When I Was An Indian). Among attempts to build a classical music out of dance music, 3YF's non-dancefloor drum'n'bass ranks as one of the boldest ideas.



INGRESSO: 10 Euro con Tessera Arci 2015.

Apertura porte ore 21 circa.
Inizio concerto ore 22 circa.

L'Arci Biko si trova a Milano in Via Ettore Ponti, 40.

Web: www.bikoclub.net & www.viaaudio.it.
INFOLINE: 3394499616.

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Categoria: Musica e Spettacoli

Quando: Alle 21:00 dal 29-11-2015 al 30-11-2015

nei seguenti giorni : Lun - Dom

Dove: BIKO Milano

Indirizzo: Via Ettore Ponti, 40 Milano

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Link: Sito Web dell'evento