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On Jan 16th we’ll extraordinarily have a special meeting exceptionally on a Saturday! And if it doesn’t sound unusual enough.. we won’t have Table Topics but only loads of speeches and evaluations.. I can sense the relief through the screen ;)

If you’re always busy on Monday nights and never had the chance to come and see what all this fuss is about.. Here is your golden chance to pass by and fall in love!

Members and prospects, if you would like to give a speech or an evaluation or to take a role as Timer or Ah Counter, please write to Haley if you haven’t already.

From 4ish to 7ish speakers and evaluators will take turns working their magic, anyone can enjoy the whole afternoon or just a shorter time and most of us we'll stay for an happy-hour afterwards.

See you soon!

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Quando: Sabato 16-01-2016 alle 16:00

Dove: Pacino Café

Indirizzo: Piazzale Bacone 9 Milano

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