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International Career Day, Milano

International Career Day, Milano



International Career Day is the first career event in Italy dedicated exclusively to career opportunities in international context. It is for final year university students, recent graduates and young professionals who have a firm grasp of the English language and other european languages and who are willing to gain experience in international context.

At the event you can make direct contact with companies, business schools and other education organizations at their booths. It is a unique occasion to learn more about the open positions, work environment, trainings and professional development; master and MBA programs, scholarship possibilities and about work and travel programs.

Some of the exhibitors will run presentations and introduce their organization and the available opportunities in details and showcase testimonies and personal experiences. The one-hour long presentations are an excellent opportunity to gain more information about the organizations present.

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Quando: Mercoledì 06-04-2016 alle 09:30

Dove: Palazzo delle Stelline

Indirizzo: Corso Magenta 61 Milano

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Link: Sito Web dell'evento