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> Home > Eventi a Milano del 13-02-2016 > Vita Notturna > 13.02 G//C w/ Nuno dos Santos [SoHaSo/ Compost]

13.02 G//C w/ Nuno dos Santos [SoHaSo/ Compost]

13.02 G//C w/ Nuno dos Santos [SoHaSo/ Compost]



Saturday 13.02.16

GLOSS // CLUB w/ Nuno dos Santos + Dustin Phil

This Portugal-born Dutch national has a cheeky charm about him that is difficult to escape and that works so well in his favor when taking control of the decks. Whether it’s running his own label “Something Happening Somewhere,” producing music, or DJing, you can feel that Nuno is utterly in love with what he does.

This love translates into an almost obsessive curiosity for fresh music. Whereas most DJs limit themselves to one style and stick with it, Nuno fuses different genres and creates a unique style and sound of his own. Combining that creative flexibility with a telepathic ability to read a dance floor, he is able to build the sort of memorable sets that only someone with years of experience can. From deep house to serene techno, old classics to modern gems, Nuno has it covered.

Nuno Dos Santos is also an acclaimed producer who has worked both solo and in collaboration with artists like Patrice Baumel, Estroe and TJ Kong (with whom he released the broadly praised full length album, After Dark, My Sweet in 2010) and has done so on established labels like Compost, Planet E, Green Records, Traum and Connaisseur. His sound is created using his deep knowledge of music and veers from sublime techno to more emotional house as exemplified by classic tracks like ‘Merging’, ‘Hamming’ and ‘Mon Toy.’
His long-term experience and predicting trends ahead of time have served him well and now feed back into his role as label owner at SoHaSo. " The name itself leaves a lot open for your own imagination,” says Nuno himself, who has so far released essential music by the likes of Love over Entropy, Dixon, The Drifter, Sigward and Kurt Baggaley. “I want to release musical material from befriended producers, new talent and my own work on Something Happening Somewhere." After hosting a successful run of events at Trouw, SoHaSo now holds regular label nights at Tivoli (Utrecht) and Paradigm (Groningen). This is yet another part of the way in which Nuno Dos Santos is spreading his musical vision throughout the world.

Explorer of the deepest and dark side of the underground world, outside the mainstream.

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Sabato 13-02-2016 alle 23:45

Dove: Gloss Club

Indirizzo: 32, molino delle armi Milano

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