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Alphabet - STARLIGHT vol. 2 - In collaboration with VAR MAGAZINE

Alphabet - STARLIGHT vol. 2 - In collaboration with VAR MAGAZINE



Starlight - Volume 2 - Friday February 26th
In Collaboration with VAR MAGAZINE

Info and reservation:
☎︎ 3483236443

VAR MAG is a representation of art culture, lifestyle and fashion, based in New York. In other fashion based magazines, take out the quirky beauty articles, cute animations and consumer based pitches and one can see the photography for exactly what it is: art. VAR Magazine portrays this artwork in a sense and manner that is raw, pure, and therefore unorthodox to the rest of the fashion and art world. It is VAR’s purpose to show that the two are interconnected and married to one another; it is about the art in the imagery: the photography and everything else combined is like a painting. VAR is our vision for those who appreciate art and the artistic aspect of fashion photography.

Rocket Club,
Alzaia Naviglio Grande 98,
Porta Genova, Milan.
From midnight till very late.

▹ Thomas Constantin

▹ Djette Barbarella
▹ Fabrizio Strada & Definitely Dave
▹ Massi Rocket

€ 13 from midnight till 1:00am - GUEST ADMISSION w/DRINK
€ 15 from till 2:00am - GUEST ADMISSION w/DRINK
€ 20 not in the guest list

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