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Keira [ Ampispazi Recordings- Entail Records ]

Keira was born in Italy and in a few time she has become one of the most influential voices of techno scene in Italy. Her passion for music started when she began to study classical guitar at the age of ten. Thanks to her talent the London label " Entail Records" decides to release her stuff, the first Ep " Soul Vision" with the remix of Francisco Allendes, renowned producer of Desolat; and the second ep " At Sunrise" with the remix of Malandra Jr. producer of Cocoon records. Her pieces are unique, the hardness of the base mixes with the sweetest melodies in a continuous search of new sounds, original and never predictable. In her work, music, graphic, fashion and art merge together to re-emerge in a new form that surprises, fascinates, inspires and engages in all the senses, making Keira a unique artist.
Keira debuts on Intellighenzia Electronica Records with her new album, Rebirth. Six tracks that range from deep techno to electronica without any break, describing her mood and the will to begin from the ashes of a previous " death" . Rebirth is a new starting point that carries a lot of intentions for the future, and hopefully a great new start for a new path.
Seven remixes reinterpret part of the release, each one with its perspective and vision of the track


Ramsi [ Ampispazi Recordings]

Ramzi Bougammoura aka Ramsi, was born on February 3rd 1988.
His relationship with music grows from his adolescence where his passion for electronic music starts. He plays with sounds using his creativity and he experiences his first musical production following the trend of Underground Music and Techno, while maintaining exotic sonority of House music that characterize him.
The connection between music and the world of technology led him to experiment with sounds and soon he realized that sound will be his main interest and activity. So he gets a degree in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in Milan and starts playing in various events of the city.
In his musical experience he founded the group " Owner Sound" and the duo project " One Million Circuits" while continuing to pursue his solo projects “Ramsi”, achieving the likes of international Djs as well as of Radios and Press.
His tracks are released mainly on Ampispazi Recordings, Natural Rhythm, Recovery Collective, Syntheke Records with his alias Ramsi and on Stripped Digital and Lovejet Records with the duo alias One Million Circuits (formed with C0A).
Nowdays, Ramsi is working as an Audio Engineer and Sound Designer for different labels and projects, as a trainer of Ableton Live at The Academy of Sound (Milan) and , of course, he is still creating tracks and records with his instruments and machines.



RSVP: tendictionmilano@gmail.com

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