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Shelter invites : Edwin & Hatguy

Shelter invites : Edwin & Hatguy



#Shelter 04

EDWIN [ Shelter Milano]
HatGuy [ Syntheke Records ]

*FREE ENTRY ONLY ON GUESTLIST ---> (http://bit.ly/1Voskqt)
Previously known as BarBeat, Edwin developed an appreciation for the black music at an early age. Its sound is a complex tangle of black music, electronic sound and djing. He started its career playing in some of the most known clubs of its hometown (Pordenone) and at 19 he moved to London to look for new music experiences. Eventually, Edwin parleyed the demand for a new international experience, moving in Madrid where he attended the high level course on Electronic Music Production at the SAE Institute. The combination of Edwin’s sounds, characterized by a refined selection of Funk Disco and house led him to early play in some clubs of the Spanish Capital, such as Taboo and Blackout. Now back in Italy, he lives in Milan since 2015 where he played as Dj residence at PWP (Punks Wear Prada) Never tired to experimenting, he's now challenging himself with new emerging realities of the Milan scenery.


Valerio Ebert, Milan based producer and sound engineer born in Vasto.
He grew up through music, exploring a wide variety of genres without boundaries and playing guitar. Driven by this huge passion for music, he moved to Milan to study Audio Engineering at SAE Institute and in the meantime started the electronic downtempo duo project Might At Night together with the friend and singer Liliana Aurora Desiati AKA Label Mou. In 2012 they published their first album “Started Cry” for Raphsodic Record, followed by “Joy EP” in 2014 and “Joy EP Remixes” in 2015 for the dutch label Manual Music.
In the last few years they had the opportunity to be on stage with several famous artists and to play in many important events like Vasto Siren Festival (with The National, Mogwai, Tycho and more) or Keinerweiss (Take it easy) in Milan, among the most important.
In 2012 he also started a collaboration with Ramsi (Ramzi Bouggammoura – Ampispazi Recording) with the moniker CØA. They published two EP for Lovejet Records and Stripped Digital (Stripped Record sublabel) as One Million Circuits and playing in several clubs in Milan.
The last year has been particularly intense because of many changes and new opportunities. After ending One Million Circuits and CØA, he created a new solo project as HatGuy publishing “Sidereal EP” with Syntheke Records, a very appreciated work that contains a remix by Machweo.
The last February has been published his remix of Port Royal “The Last Big Impezzo” included in the remix compilation “You Ware Nowhere” for the californian label N5MD, together with artists like BVDUB, Ocoeur, John Tejada, Arovane and many others.
He played for the first time as HatGuy in the Mukanda festival after party, lately he shared the stage with Bienoise at Arci Malabrocca in Milan and he will perform with Dardust to the social theatre in Como.
He's also founder and resident of N.E.O. - New Electronic Order, event organization based in Vasto.


Shelter is Powered by : Younger Than Me [ Bordello A Parigi] , Dustin Phil [ Gloss Club], Alex Nilmar [ OASI], Modular Project [ OFF Recordings ], @Sebastian[ In Treatment Party ] , Pabie [ Sorgente Sonora] and many moore....

info : shelter.milano@gmail.com

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