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Avantgarden Gallery presents “Now and Later” Chris " DAZE" Ellis

Avantgarden Gallery presents “Now and Later” Chris " DAZE"  Ellis



Avantgarden Gallery presents:
“Now and Later” by DAZE
One man show of one of the masters of the graffiti movement
Opening : March 31- 2016 - h18.30
April 1–May 19 - 2016

Avantgarden Gallery presents, for the first time in Milan, " Now and Later" ,by Chris Ellis, known by the tag Daze and considered as one of the masters of the graffiti movement.
Daze started as a writer in New York in the 70's, while attending the High School of Art and Design. His graffiti works have characterized the urban territory of those years, from walls to trains and to metro wagons.
Daze’s works are like comic picture stories, animated by disturbing and ironic figures. The artist, inspired by alienating suburbs and poor people of his city, portrayed prostitutes, policemen, artists and musicians who populated New York streets of those years.
Later Daze has extended his artistic vision beyond the road and lived a successful transition from the metropolitan to the studio (atelier ?); in the nineties we find his works in galleries worldwide. His first exhibition was " Beyond Words" at the Mudd Club of New York in 1981, exposing along with artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. His first solo exhibition was held one year later, in 1982 at Fashion Moda, a gallery in the Bronx. Since then he has had numerous solo exhibitions in various cities such as Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Beijing, Chicago and Singapore.
A recurring theme in the works of Daze is the human eye, represented with a gestural painting, from the changing meaning in every work. In some cases it suggests a dreamlike state of mind, where everything can be imagined, in other cases it is a symbol that allows you to peer into the past and the possibilities of the future.
In the exhibition in Milan there will be paintings made by a layering of images from the personal Daze’s lexicon , fragments of letters that show the early years of underground painting and its ability to merge the lettering with the image that is a sort of artist’s signature. Over several years Daze has also completed many public art projects, including the completion of a mural for the Star Ferry Terminal, Hong Kong, the design and construction of the entire furniture of Hanover Train Station, in Germany, alongside other artists like Lee Quinones and Crash and a mural for the mall Vivo City in Singapore.
The works of Daze are in museums such as the MoMA in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, New York City Museum, the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, the Ludwig Museum in Aachen, Germany, Smithsonian National Museum for African American History and Culture, Washington, DC and in the most important private collections such as those of Madonna and Eric Clapton.
Not only that, his artistic figure appears in two reference films regarding hip hop culture and graffiti art movement: " Wild Style" 1888, directed by Charlie Ahearn and " Style Wars" , 1981, directed by Henry Chalfont and Tony Silvers.
Daze is also mentioned in bestsellers that tell the origins of Street Art and deepen the figures that have generated it, among them: " Subway Art" by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper, 1984; " Spray Can Art" by Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff, 1987; " Subway Graffiti" by Thomas Christ, 1983; " Wild Style" Tokyo Japan, 1983, directed by Charlie Ahearn.
After the solo group at Palazzo Pepoli in Bologna and this exhibition in Milan, in June he will present the book " Dazeworld" published by Schiffer Publishing.

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