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Louis Kazan on Salone Del Mobile Milano - Hall 6, F52

Louis Kazan on Salone Del Mobile Milano - Hall 6, F52



Fiera Milano - Hall 6 - F52


The Brazilian luxury furniture brand travels to Milan to showcase their newest collection.

Louis Kazan’s factory is well established with 20 years successfully designing and manufacturing pieces made with precise details and the highest quality of materials. Louis Kazan has created furniture for luxury hotels, residences, palaces and yachts throughout Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

The entire collection was conceived with great respect for the natural materials and sustainable production practices. Each piece is hand crafted from unique materials with an impeccable attention to detail and quality. Superior finishes, sophisticated design, exclusive materials and innovation in furniture making techniques are the foundations of Louis Kazan.

The company used to function under a mango tree in Brazil 20 years ago when Luiz Mário Moura and Graça Kazan started it, all the machinery was made from recycled pieces back then. Now the brand is presented over 26 showrooms over the globe including Dubai, Miami, New York, Riyadh, Moscow and São Paulo.

The production have developed many ways to reduce sawdust and chemicals in the air, recycle material leftovers, make a better usage of the tree and treat the water used in the process. “All our inspiration comes from the natural materials, their history in nature and personality. This way we´ve developed a huge respect for them, the production is always bringing new ways to make a better usage of every material that comes in and we do our best to follow our suppliers closely on their production practices and government regulations”, explains Luiz Mário, cofounder and designer of Louis Kazan.

Louis Kazan is made unique materials in South America and showcases the finest contemporary artistry in a collection of rich and one-of-a-kind designs. Clean lines, superior finishes and completely customizable pieces makes the collection appealing for both modern and traditional designers.

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Dove: Salone Internationale del Mobile

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