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Alphabet - Live performance by SANTE VISIONI - Urban Disease vol. 2

Alphabet - Live performance by SANTE VISIONI - Urban Disease vol. 2



Friday April 8th
Welcome to #yourpersonalparty

Live performance by Sante Visioni

Sante Visioni believes in the instinct and loves to loose himself in his experience of the world. A seeker of physical contact and addicted to the adrenaline of being at the mercy of the people, he paints live among the crowds. His work, generated in a violent way, crystalizes a specific moment, restoring the equilibrium of both the artist and the work itself. The figures he prefers are faces, hands and geometrical shapes. He also carries out studio projects and street interventions. About a month ago he released “Bugiardino”, his first fanzine. Graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Florence, he currently lives and works in Milan. Sante Visioni is a punk rock dip.

Rocket Club,
Alzaia Naviglio grande 98,
Pt. Genova, Milan.
From 11:30 PM till late.

///////////// DOOR SELECTION \\\
[No dress code: we love stylish and open-minded people]

(Nu-disco, Electrodance, Big Bit, Dirty Disco)

❖❖ GO!GO! STARS ❖❖
Djette Barbarella + Definitely Dave & Fabrizio Strada + Massi Rocket
(Indie Rock, Indie Dance)

€ 13 till 1:00am GUEST ADMISSION w DRINK
€ 15 from 1:00 till 2:00am GUEST ADMISSION w DRINK

Get your name on a guest list and feel free to ask for further infos:
☎︎ 3483236443

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 08-04-2016 alle 23:30

Dove: Rocket Milano

Indirizzo: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 98 Milano

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