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Wild Rose / MainStreet / Zaneta in Milan, Italy

Wild Rose / MainStreet / Zaneta in Milan, Italy



Wild Rose with great friends MainStreet & ZANETA

Wild Rose are returning for the presentation of their fourth record titled " 4" as well as hit songs throughout all their recording career!

With a presence of over 10 years in the melodic rock scene, recognized as " Newcomers Of The Year 2011" and with the album " Half Past Midnight" as the " Best Debut Release" , the promising Wild Rose and #1 in sales of imported CDs in Japan in June 2013 (BURRN! Magazine) with their second album " Dangerous" , will give eight magical headline live shows in Hellas, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain!

Having sold out their first three albums " Half Past Midnight (2011), Dangerous (2013), Hit 'N' Run (2014)" and with their first single " Through The Night" from their third album " Hit 'n' Run" , hitting steadily #1 from the fortieth week of 2014 and for three consecutive weeks in Classic Rock Chart in Sweden and remaining in the Top #10 Rock Chart until the eighth week of 2015 and having signed with the Danish label Lions Pride Music, the Japanese Avalon / Marquee Inc. and the Hellenic Steel Gallery Records and taking rave reviews from the worlds press for their new album " 4" and with the track " Love Games" hitting #6 in the Top 10 Charts in March in the U.S. ; Hellenic rockers are setting out for their headline " 4 Mediterranean Tour 2016" in Europe.

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