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OLYMPIA VINYLS ONLY [Futuro Tropicale -Slow Disco-Aaron Dunkies]

OLYMPIA VINYLS ONLY [Futuro Tropicale -Slow Disco-Aaron Dunkies]



Olympia Milan after the incredible last Friday, We are ready Again!! demonstrate that we are the best smilers !! Alternative music, unique people and incomparable energy on the Best place! ;)

Olympia Milan FRIDAY 29th - APRIL at TOM. - VINYLS ONLY !!!

*Futuro Tropicale ( To Ruck & Rain )


*Aaron Dunkies ( Stay Alive Crew )


*Slow Disco

Free entry only by guest list, write at RSVP@OLYMPIAMILAN.COM



Aaron Dunkies ( Stay Alive Crew )

Born in Verona in July 89; his passion for music can be recognized early in life, first love is with the drums under the wing of a 80's reggae drummer member that teach him jazz, blues, gospel, reggae and funk beats. In early 2000 he started his interest in the origins of House music: Frankie Knucles, Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry, Mr. Fingers, Ce Ce Rogers, Moodymann, Dimitri from Paris, Saint Germain aka Ludovic Navarre and many others. Begin to attend the Verona Clubs, in 2008 Giulio Lenotti give him confidence and began his career at Berfi's Club in Verona. In the year 009/010 the Back to Back with his friend Gerhard Schneider (Gary S) mark his DJ sets. In 2011 his mentor Giulio Lenotti offers him the opportunity to play gigs at Alterego Club of Verona with his brother in music Gerhard.
His DJ sets are a mixture of jazz, house, soul and deep sounds.

Futuro Tropicale ( To Ruck & Rain )

Andrea Mighetti is Futuro Tropicale. He is a Dj based in Milan and he was born in 1986. From 90 BPM to 125 BPM, his performances are long sessions of Balearic beat music: this is a kaleidoscopic mix of different genres such as ambient, dub, disco, new wave, kraut rock, italo and house music. From 2009 he has been playing with many famous artists such as 808 State, Idjut Boys, James Pants, Mike Simonetti, Prins Thomas, Daniele Baldelli, Alexander Robotnick, Tim Sweeney, Dj Kaos, Dompteur Mooner, Egyptian Lover, Kalabrese, Vakula, Eric Duncan and others. He played in the most famous clubs and bars and also he performed to parties organized by lots of underground music associations in Milan such as Discosafari, NUL, PTWSchool, Buka, S/V/N, Elita and Disco_nnect Music. Furthermore he played in three editions of the international Electric Elephant Festival in Tisno (Croatia)

Slow Disco

Slow Disco DJ's since the last 90's in the Riviera Ligure.
Grew up with the DJ sets by Fran├žois Kevorkian, the Slow Disco sound's is marked by a strong deep cut.
In his dj set Slow Disco mix Nu jazz, Disco, Afro , deep and House Music.
With his project " Sessioni Intime" his produced many events in Liguria where a lot's important djs played as Leo Mas, Bruno Bolla, Gerardo Frisina..

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