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Friday 𝄀 PEEDOO _ Hell Yeah 𝄀 Balearic Gabba

Friday 𝄀 PEEDOO _ Hell Yeah 𝄀 Balearic Gabba



The Balearic Gabba Sound System is a non-sense dream team founded by Marco Gallerani, aka peeDoo, and made up of Enzo Elia, Everest Parisi, E-the-Hot, Bjorn Torske, Gallo and some other geezers with a shared love of sonically weird, bona fide feel-good recordings with a very surreal twist.

The best way to explain this collective’s approach is to cite their daytime hero, Jon Sa Trinxa: " My DJ style is Balearic, which is like trying to define the indefinable…“ he once said. Confused? Well, thankfully, the iconic selector continued. “Many DJs are defined by playing a particular genre, but Balearic music is a kaleidoscope of genres. Balearic DJs play all styles."

The Balearic Gabba Sound System represents the second generation of these so-called Balearic DJs; people who grew up on '90's raves and survived the digital revolution.

It’s clear, then, that the collective is about introducing you to a fresh musical sound you’ve been looking hard for, but weren’t even sure existed… until now!!

A record industry executive and label owner who has contributed to the history of underground Italian music. Peedoo expresses culture in the independent electronic music, extra fine taste, international assurance, foresight in selecting artists who join his super active labels Hell Yeah! and Danny Was A Drag King.

Producer for the sacred monster of big beat Santos during the sparkling age of a early style Fat Boy Slim, A&R of the seminal Expanded Music, he’s now an enlightened patron of that fascinating hybrid between disco and top-flight electronic: Dimitri from Paris, DJ Rocca, Tempelhof and Margot among the hottest names of his Hell Yeah!


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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 20-05-2016 alle 23:00

Dove: 65metriquadri

Indirizzo: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54 Milano

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