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4cento & Moodmusic presentano Sandrino (Frankey & Sandrino)

4cento & Moodmusic presentano Sandrino (Frankey & Sandrino)



Il 4cento e Moodmusic quest'anno proporranno delle collaborazioni volte a rafforzare quello che è il concept di questo locale da sempre, la qualità assoluta di un party in tutti i suoi aspetti: musica, location e gente.
4cento e Moodmusic presentano:

Gettin' in the mood:
• Lorenzo Calvio (Moodmusic)

Special Guest:
• SANDRINO (Frankey & Sandrino - DE- Innervisions-Drumpoet community-Moodmusic)

Full Biography:
Frankey & Sandrino’s productions, dj & live sets, are made of the right stern to snowball dance floors worldwide and fill them with epic moments!
Both Frankey and Sandrino have individually been active with electronic music well over a decade now. On the one hand, there’s Sandrino whose passion for life is driven by longtime love for house music in all its forms and
shapes. On the other hand, there is Frankey, a schooled musician who already has a string of full-length albums and single releases out under different disguises.
After their encounter at Butan club, where Sandrino held a residency, the guys were drawn to each other by their mutual thirst for deep & melodic music, resulting in the self-named
project by 2010. It didn’t behold much time before their first creations were released by Four: Twenty Records and Mood Music.
In 2014, Frankey & Sandrino sign “SAVE” to Innervisions.
By the end of 2013, the tittle track was one of the most sought after records. Being the key-track in every Dixon set for months, it also went down as the perfect soundtrack to the Mexican sunrise during the Innervisions BPM party.
The next step has been taken!
Early 2015, the guys sign “Starchild/Lost” to the Zurich based Drumpoet Community.
Once more, Frankey & Sandrino take you to the deepest shades of house. On this
specific EP, they work together with the UK based vocalist Jinadu (The Beauty Room).
By April “Cephei” is released on MoodMusic, and is described as inter-galactic starlight house music.
June sees their biggest release to date: “Acamar/Lukida” on Innervisions.
The definition of the summer of 2015 you get
by listening to “Acamar”. The duo also receives the award for “Track of the season” on the Ibiza DJ Awards. Even though the tour diary gets busier and busier, Frankey & Sandrino find time to prepare their next breaking EP " Ways of the sun / Formax” on Drumpoet Community, for
release December.
It’s safe to say the duo is shaping up for exciting times!


La berlinese Moodmusic fa musica da vent'anni ancora con la stessa cura e dedizione.
Numerosi i talenti assoluti passati da questa label come Audiofly, Henrik Schwarz, Tale of Us, Dave DK, Mario Basanov (solo per citarne alcuni) che l'hanno resa celebre in tutto il mondo.

Ingresso con selezione
15€ con drink
Info & Reservation:
☎️ 0289517771
✉️ mail 4cento@4cento.com

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Categoria: Vita Notturna

Quando: Venerdì 24-06-2016 alle 23:00

Dove: 4cento

Indirizzo: Via Campazzino 14 Milano

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